Bonfire Lounge, 2821 SE Stark, 232-3704

You've always relied on the Bonfire for great bar food, except of course during the morbid period after their kitchen caught fire, and maybe you even relied on them then. Now, however, their kitchen has been entirely reconstructed, they have a new chef named Trevor Rudd, and they're offering more than just a great burger, a meaty gyro, or a savvy cocktail. Try out the new menu items like the grilled fruit salad with gorgonzola and hazelnuts, the set your fucking mouth on fire Hellfire Burrito, made with mango, beans, cilantro, tomato, and hellfire sauce, or the tortilla-wrapped Thai shrimp firecrackers with a coconut curry sauce. They also offer the really great chicken, apple, bacon burger (all ground together and grilled as a patty). Plus, all this food is served until 2 am! A warning though: even though their garlic feta dressing is as zesty and tasty a dressing as you could ever wish for, you'll be harboring some mean garlic breath for quite a while. Then again, you can kill that with a shot of Jim Beam, which is in no short supply. KS

Urban Grind

2214 NE Oregon, 546-0649

This is probably the best coffeehouse you haven't heard of... yet. They roast their own beans and damn are they tasty! Cool summer drinks, like the coffee ice milk creation, the Mackercino, (named after the owner Mack) inspire mid-day cravings. Lovely nibbles like toasted Ciabatta panini and kicky homemade lime-cilantro Hummus round out the allure of this enormous out of the way refuge. Plus, look for homemade soups and salads to be added to the menu later in the year. With free Wi-fi (for non-nerds that means high speed wireless internet) and a sweet-heart staff, UG might just become your new fave Northeast hat-hanging spot. At this point they open up early in the morning and close around 4pm, but that will change come fall with longer hours. Perfect for the studious set. BB