O3 Café

701 E Burnside, 227-1975

If you wake up and the first thing you think about is music, causing you to go to the record store on an empty stomach, causing you to forget to eat for the first five hours of the day and subsequently pass out, never fear. The newly revamped café adjacent to Ozone offers inexpensive, light and delicious brunches, pastries and sandwiches, all made on the spot by culinary ingenue Colleen French. The Sunday brunch specials vary; last week, it was a salmon scramble soufflé (can be made meatless for the vegetarians) atop a bed of spinach and roasted red peppers, with a side of yummy, fresh-baked bread--all for a tiny $4.50. It sounds like a rich, heavy meal, but the tastes were pleasantly simple--fresh and hearty, and served in perfect mini-portions. JS

Long Island Pizzeria

1012 SW Morrison, 274-0628

While the name of this joint makes me think big slice of pizza and a soda, it offers a lot more. The pizza is great, mind you, and can be bought and eaten on the fly. It should not be overlooked, however, that the LIP also serves huge falafels in fresh pita, and a Mediterranean plate that's just as good. The plate comes with five falafel balls, tabouli, dolmas (rice stuffed grape leaves), baba, and all elements are executed with care and skill. The baba could be a bit more chunky and bitter for my taste, but I'm one of those people who likes everything as bitter and sour as you can get it, and my dining partner loved it. Try this place out. The people are super nice and you can get dinner for two for about $12. KS

Cha Ba Thai Restaurant

5810 NE Sandy, 282-3970

Cha Ba Thai's salad rolls are the best. All the veggies stuffed inside are screaming fresh and their peanut dipping sauce is perfectly thin and fabulous. Their pad thai is tangy and not too greasy, as is increasingly the case at Thai Peacock. Order the Pad Kee Mao with squid if you like life on the wild/spicy side--you'll get a spicy sweet dish with a ton of squid. Try Cha Ba for lunch, they serve it up quick. KS