Abol Café

923L NE Broadway, 281-7961

I'm a vegetarian. Also, I'm broke. This generally means I'm SOL when it comes to dining anywhere but a NoPo taqueria. Not anymore! I've discovered the joy of the Abol Café's $5 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. It's simple, tasty, wholesome food consisting of lentils, cabbage, collards, and a montage of other delicacies augmented with worldly spices and accompanied by plenty of Injera, the spongy Ethiopian flatbread. Wash it down with an Ethiopian beer and it'll be difficult for you to imagine how you could derive any greater satisfaction from lunch. LC

Park Kitchen

422 NW 8th Ave,

At the beginning of the summer, Park Kitchen moved into a tidy space adjacent to the rolling and shady lawns along, of course, NW Park Avenue. Without any other stores in the immediate area open past 6 pm, the nuevo restaurant has brought a mellow and fun-spirited verve to the neighborhood. They lend out bocci balls for use on the field across the street and with at least half of their seating outside on the sidewalk, late evenings here are ideal for the final warm summer days. The main dishes are inventive combinations of Pacific Northwest fish, berries, mushrooms, and seemingly whatever strikes the chef's fancy. But it is really the drinks and deserts that make the trip worthwhile. The "Salt 'n' Pepper" is a unique gin-based drink that strangely is simultaneously bitter and ethereal. PB

Foti's Greek Deli

1740 E Burnside, 232-0274

Once you get in the habit of grabbing lunch at Foti's, you may become addicted. I know a person who actually ate a gyro at Foti's five days in a row because he happened to be working nearby. Their gyros and vegetarian souvlaki (feta cheese, onions, tomatoes, tzataki on a pita) sandwiches are both generous and delicious, although I far prefer the salty meat of the gyro. The Greek salad is authentic; tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olives and feta marinated for hours in a Greek oil and vinegar dressing. You can also scare up a couple Jo-Jos for a quarter or two so you're not stuck with a whole heaping deep-fried order. Foti's also sells wine, so you can buy a bottle and drink it with your lunch. How European. KS