Wild About Game Cook-off

Resort at the Mountain, 68010 E Fairway, Welches, OR, Saturday, October 25, Call 503-622-3101 For Tickets

Sorry to tell you this, but meat is back in. Oh sure, we may all die of heart attacks or mad cow, but we get one stinking life to live on this stupid earth and might as well eat steak. Thus, the Wild About Game cook-off at Mt. Hood. Sample delicious buffalo, caribou, elk, goose, guinea hen, muscovey duck, partridge, pheasant, quail, rabbit, squab, venison, and wild boar dishes by renowned chefs, and beer and wine to wash it all down. I went to a sampling of some of the game dishes that will be featured, and loved almost everything, except the weird liverwurst-looking meat logs. The marinated quail skewers were spectacular. The cook-off goes all day starting at 10 am, and costs $10. The game feast starts at 5:30 and costs $29.95 per person, which is well worth it. KS

Pho Jasmine

714 N Killingsworth, 283-0398

The menu at Pho Jasmine is a mixture of traditional Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese fare. Winning starters include the golden deep-fried shrimp and vegetarian salad rolls. The shrimp are delightfully large and crunchy, and the rolls are imbued with fresh mint. The Pho is also excellent, the broth breathily complex with its mixture of spices and lean beef. The spicy lemongrass chicken entrée is one to try with a smokey, coconutty flavor that doesn't mask the lemongrass, served atop a bed of vegetables. LC

Mayas Taqueria

1000 SW Morrison, 226-1946

With so many great eateries in Portland, it's hard to say which joint has the best eggplant parmesan, or which strip club serves the best steak. But when it comes to Mexican fare, Maya's Taqueria ranks in the top tier. Notable on the menu are the specialty burritos. The Caribbean Prawn/ Scallop Wrap contains succulent mushrooms and garlicky seafood and the Salvadorian Relleno Wrap is a veritable cornucopia of peppers, cheese, and chicken. Wash it down with five or ten margaritas, and you're not only full, but drunk. SL