Black Sheep Bakery Pumpkin Pie

Call 525-4343 or 997-2188 to order.

Generally, I view vegan baked items unfavorably, because they never seem to have the moist texture or luscious flavor of the real deal. This is not the case, however, with Black Sheep Bakery's vegan pumpkin pie. Baker Amanda Felt has truly mastered the art of vegan goodies, delivering a pumpkin pie loaded with pumpkin mash contained in a moist flaky crust. Because her pies skip all of the additives, you feel as though you're eating a pumpkin pie in its natural state, which is disarmingly pleasant. I'd compare Amanda's pie to a delicious garlicky bowl of homemade guacamole, while last year's pie is like that grocery store sour cream guacamole mix. I could tell you that your Thanksgiving guests won't notice the difference, but actually, I think they will, and they'll be psyched. KS

La Villa Lunch Buffet

719 SE Morrison, 872-9696

Sick of the standard Indian food buffet, but still want to eat a whole bunch of food? La Villa just debuted their lunch buffet, which offers eggplant moussaka, rice and lentils, chicken noodle soup, falafel, spinach pie, chunks of lamb and chicken, and a salad bar with olives, baba, hummus, tabouli, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a bunch of dressings. Everything is fresh and fabulous, although the moussaka, drenched in a thin tomatoey sauce, is a must. The buffet satisfies vegetarians and carnivores alike, and does all this for only $6.95. KS

Le Happy

1011 NW 16th, 226-1258

While out on the town tonight, don't forget about Le Happy. This adorable, delicious creperie has become so embedded in the list of cool Portland locales, you might have started taking it for granted. But it needs your love as much as the next place. Remember: You can drink there, you can smoke there, you can write in your journal there, and you can play games there. Is there anything you CAN'T do there? Yes: you can't get the fudge brownie crepe on a full stomach. Its heavenly richness will kill you. JWS