Dragonfish Asian Cafe Happy Hour

909 SW Park, 243-5991, 10 pm-midnight nightly

Add another terrific cheap happy hour to Portland's already impressive list. Downtown drunkards can rejoice at the Dragonfish Cafe, which offers a basic menu of cheap sushi EVERY NIGHT from 10 until midnight. Get four sushi rolls for $1.95, or a piece of nigiri (the equivalent of about two rolls) for just $1.45. Plus, pints of good beer for just $2.75! All the late-night entries are tasty, but the tuna items, both spicy and regular, are delicious and noticeably fresh. The rolls are kind of sloppy, but don't squeeze 'em too hard with your chopsticks and you should be okay. Check this: my friend and I ordered the ENTIRE happy hour menu and had three beers. Total cost: $30!! JWS


1239 SW Broadway, 222-9070

Higgins is one of those restaurants that has the feel of old money. But while its' woody, windowed atmosphere and air of importance might alienate some, don't forget about their bar, which should feel welcoming to nearly everyone. A great place to meet for lunch on a Friday, the service in the bar is quick and friendly and the fairly comprehensive menu averages at about $10. Don't miss out on their open-faced pastrami sandwich, piled with ribbons of the most delicious pastrami you'll ever eat. With your rich and meaty sandwich Higgins serves a generous salad, smartly tossed with hazelnuts and a mild vinaigrette. For a slightly cheaper lunch, try their daily sandwich, with specials like the open faced shrimp sandwich on an English muffin. The bar also offers a bistro menu until 12 am, so keep Higgins in mind if you're downtown for a flick. KS

Good Dog/Bad Dog

708 SW Alder, 222-3410

Portland carnivores are packed into Good Dog/Bad Dog. Featuring the best sausages in town, on big buns (the best kind!); get a spicy wurst or a mild sausage, and load up your wiener with tangy complimentary sauerkraut. KS