Zach's Shack

4409 SE Hawthorne, (971) 235-9888

Zach's Shack is a little pile of heaven shoved into a bun. While that may not sound very appetizing, I assure you this quaint Hawthorne bungalow will rock your sausage jones. I ate two dogs---the Chicago Dog and Zach's Favorite--and found both of them outrageously delicious. Prices range from $2.50 to $3.25, offering an alternative to your daily burrito. Veggie dogs may be substituted at no extra charge in case something about the well-advertised "snap" of the 100% beef dogs rubs you the wrong way. Shack-side seating offers views of the street, the shack, and a mysterious, derelict house with electrical cords stuffed through the front door. Besides the splendor of its sausage, Zach's is open until 3 am Tuesday-Sunday, so you can eat one when you're totally wasted. Zach's Shack would only be better if it had wings and could fly its sausage-crazy ass to your doorstep. EJ


2716 NE MLK, 288-4169

Bridges' healthy breakfast of grits topped with poached eggs and fresh spinach, bell peppers, and onions is the best; plus this breakfast helps you cut down on carbs by not offering toast. Other great items are the cheesy eggs fiesta (served with salsa on a bed of potatoes); the huevos rancheros; and if you're dining light they serve a fantastic fresh fruit bowl or oatmeal. For lunch, the kitchen brings the same skill they do to breakfast as they do their sandwiches and soups. Between April 22-25, Bridges is celebrating its second anniversary under the ownership of Laura and Tom Lane-Ruckman, and will be donating 10 percent of its proceeds to Basic Rights Oregon and Project Linkage, an organization that helps elderly people remain living in their homes. KS


3006 SE Hawthorne, 232-1744

Claudia's has about one million televisions showing every sporting event inside, and outside they have a cute patio that seats about 20. If you're eating, try the sloppy, delicious gyro with soup and fries; it's the best deal on the menu, and goes great with beer and basketball. KS