440 NE 28th

What was once my favorite dive bar, Lucky's, went out of business for a while, and has now been taken over by my favorite bartender from the Sandy Hut, Ted. Most notably, Lucky's has an awesome patio, super friendly service, and a sit-down two person Ms. Pac Man table, so it fits in great with the neighborhood, and gives you another option if you're prowling 28th. Plus, if you gulp down too many vodka tonics, or find yourself hungry, they serve a hearty menu of Italian food (spaghetti, lasagna, and crazy-good meatball sandwiches). KS

Dragonfish Asian Cafe
909 SW Park, 243-5991, 10 pm-midnight nightly

Add another terrific cheap happy hour to Portland's already impressive list. Downtown drunkards can rejoice at the Dragonfish Cafe, which offers a basic menu of cheap sushi EVERY NIGHT from 10 until midnight. Get four sushi rolls for $1.95, or a piece of nigiri (the equivalent of about two rolls) for just $1.45. Plus, pints of good beer for just $2.75! All the late-night entries are tasty, but the tuna items, both spicy and regular, are delicious and noticeably fresh. The rolls are kind of sloppy, but don't squeeze 'em too hard with your chopsticks and you should be okay. Check this: my friend and I ordered the ENTIRE happy hour menu and had three beers. Total cost: $30!! JWS

La Villa Lunch Buffet
719 SE Morrison, 872-9696

Sick of the standard Indian food buffet, but still want to eat a whole bunch of food? Try La Villa's lunch buffet, which offers eggplant moussaka, rice and lentils, chicken noodle soup, falafel, spinach pie, chunks of lamb and chicken, and a salad bar with olives, baba, hummus, tabouli, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a bunch of dressings. Everything is fresh and fabulous, although the moussaka, drenched in a thin tomato sauce, is a must. The buffet satisfies vegetarians and carnivores alike, and does all this for only $6.95. KS