Event: Summerloaf

August 7th, 8:30 am to 2 pm, Park Blocks at Montgomery

There are only two things that get me out of bed in the morning: toast and toast. And before the world can make me toast, it needs to make me bread. Enter Summerloaf: the largest public bread baking festival in the nation. Sample and buy Ciabatta, baguettes, and Panini along with savory accompaniments from oil and anchovies to local jams. Watch all sorts of bread lovers get all sorts of frenzied about a bread baking contest. Atkins devotees need not worry--the breads at Summerloaf contain zero carbs. EJ

Sam Ho

5846 NE Sandy, 288-0629

At Sam Ho's--a restaurant that's these days specializing in Hong Kong-style dim sum--my dining partner and I stuffed our faces with coconut crusted shrimp, potstickers, pork pastry concoctions and much more for a surprisingly low $20. You can eat very cheap here, but don't expect to be amazed by every item. Sam Ho offers a lot of options, most of them a little greasy and heavy, and loaded with meat. The most successful dishes are the vegetarian ones, like the turnip cakes, which were absolutely delicious. Be warned: the staff doesn't speak English very well, so you have to just grab things blindly from the rolling dim sum carts, but I found this rather fun. JWS

Cameo Café

8111 NE Sandy, 284-0401

A weird little breakfast joint on the corner of Sandy and 82nd, I'm pretty sure the Cameo is run by a former beauty queen judging from all the beauty pageant photos lining the walls. Notably, the Cameo offers HUGE plates of food, like an overflowing Eggs Benedict that came with thick slices of pleasantly tough ham, a biscuit rather than an English muffin, and decent if not mind-blowing hollandaise. No complaints about the biscuits and gravy, they were great tasting and plentiful; a visit to the starchy wonderland you always hoped for. And there are three things the Cameo absolutely does right: 1) your coffee cup is always full, 2) your hashbrowns are perfect, and 3) the food is served hot enough to burn your mouth. KS