Mt. Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days

Fri-Sun, Mt. Hood Village, 65000 E Hwy 26, near Brightwood on the way to Mt. Hood, free

On your way back from riding the Alpine Slide up at Ski Bowl, stop in at the Huckleberry Fest for a sample of all things huckleberry. From pancakes, to tarts, to tea, to coffee (!?), to milkshakes, it's a damn smorgasbord. Beyond berry creations, each day of the Huck fest has some interesting attractions. Friday and Sunday, starting at noon, a Native American salmon bake, and Saturday at 2 pm, the fest hosts a watermelon launch using a powerful catapult. All that, plus a bunch of singer-songwriters will be on hand to entertain. And singer-songwriters aren't so bad when you're outdoors and can run away. KS

Festa Italiana

Fri-Sun, Pioneer Square, free

I've never met a person in my life who doesn't love Italian food. It's so generously portioned, and loaded with everything my colon therapist tells me not to eat: wheat, meat, and cheese. My arguments: why would God create these foods if he didn't intend for us to eat them, and Italian people are hot, so they must be doing something right. Check out the Italian festival this weekend, loaded with music, food, pizza tossing, grape stomping, and a raffle (Sun, 6:45 pm) that could win you a week-long trip to Italy or Hawaii. Man, Italian fest beats the pants off India Fest. KS

Old Town Pizza's New Happy Hour & Movie Night

226 NW Davis, 222-9999, 4-6 pm & 9-close daily

Backpacker Magazine is ceaselessly driven to find gorgeous wonderlands reachable only by booted foot. Similarly to Backpacker, I am driven with an unquenchable thirst, but mine is for happy hour. I love food, I love drinks, but even more, I LOVE bargains. Thus, Old Town's new happy hour, where cocktails are two bucks, PBRs are a buck, salads are two bucks, and slices of pizza are another friggin' buck. After spending eight dollars you'll need to have your stomach pumped. Wednesday nights, head over to Old Town for their movie night--this week Nosferatu, 8 pm--just be a big jerk and wait 'til nine to order dinner. KS