Eliza Sohn

If you played your cards right this summer, now you've got a warm body to cuddle up with in front of a cozy fireplace as you hold hands and pick out names for the kids you're going to have together. If, like me, you wasted your summer on meaningless bar hookups, what better fall pastime than staring into a fireplace and contemplating how the kindling is going up in flames, just like your youth and good looks.

Wine Down on 28th

126 NE 28th, 236-9463

Despite the goofy name and slight overkill on the décor (velvet, fake grape vines, light-up grape bunches), Wine Down is actually a really pleasant little neighborhood restaurant, particularly if you're looking for a bar on NE 28th where you won't run into 14 people you know. It gets big points for great use of a fireplace, which suffuses the space with friendly warmth and distracts from some of the more egregious decorative decisions. The wine list is decently priced (individual pours will run you about $6-12) and enthusiastic menu descriptors like "Jaw Dropping!" and "Not Your Daddy's Wine!" will steer you to the right glass. Or, if "Asskicking!" isn't specific enough for you, the incredibly gracious and attentive service will be happy to help you find the right wine for your palate and price range. ALISON HALLETT

Pink Feather

14154 SE Division, 761-2030

The Pink Feather's fireplace was probably not the cause of their recent fire. Regardless, the fireplace and half the bar are out of commission right now. But with a makeshift setup, it was extra cozy in the tiny corner where we slugged down ($2.50!!) hot toddies. Friendly bartender extraordinaire Dolores kindly cleared her table for me and my boozin' buddy, and later gave us a tour of the joint. The place is pink as fuck on the outside and bordello-luscious on the inside. Sleazy-chic erotic paintings adorn the flock-papered walls and red velvet booths dot the divey space. The Pink Feather's a real gem, what with the friendly staff, the varied clientele, and the velvety charm. There isn't carpet on the bar's floor right now, so the space is prone to echoing conversations—good to know if you're planning to speculate about people's sex lives and you don't want the biker dude sitting next to you eavesdropping (apparently some bikers are prudish). COURTNEY FERGUSON


2715 NE Alberta, 493-4430

Binks is NE Alberta's best cold weather hangout. Just inside the front door, there's a fireplace surrounded by enough comfy benches to seat at least a half dozen of your friends. The rest of the bar is equally cozy, made up of odd little nooks and crannies to hide in. Toss in the neighborhood bar's friendly staff, excellent (and cheap!) pizza, and great jukebox, and you've got yourself a place to hibernate until the sun comes back out. For the seriously weather-affected, I recommend a treatment that rivals the best day spas: Sit close to the fire, until you're too toasty to bear it any longer. Step two feet away, and enjoy a few sips of an ice-cold beer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. AMY J. RUIZ

Poor Richard's Restaurant

3907 NE Broadway, 288-5285

This phrase from Poor Richards' website won me over immediately: "At Poor Richard's, we don't really go for newfangled dishes like spicy Thai tacos or purple pasta." Instead, Poor Richard's offers classics like the Two-Fer, a two-for-one value meal that includes steak, soup or salad, garlic bread, seasoned fries, coffee or tea, and... wait for it... soft vanilla ice cream! Walking into the restaurant or lounge confirms the time-warpy impression suggested by the website. A huge dining room boasts high ceilings and a long padded bench in front of a large fireplace, while the darker, cozier Atlas Lounge is tucked away in back for those who prefer a more intimate drinking and dining experience—both are character-filled throwbacks to the diners of yesteryear. AH

Vault Martini Bar

226 NW 12th, 224-4909

The drink list at Vault Martini Bar is ginormous. So whether you're looking to get a girl drunk on something candy flavored, or interested in savory concoctions like a rosemary-tomato-kalamata-infused vodka (yum?), odds are that if you spend enough time with the drink menu, you'll find something that works for you. Weather permitting, the fireplace kicks out enough coziness to thaw even the snootiest Pearl District residents (the drinks probably help with that, too). AH