Three Course Dinner at Mint for $25

Mon-Wed 5-7 pm, 816 N Russell, 284-5518

Want to eat gourmet on a Kinkos salary? Well, Mint is offering up a cheap way to get the most of their creative Latin American cuisine with this early bird three course dinner. Your culinary adventure will include a starter of homemade soup, spicy caesar salad, or scallop ceviche, a main course of confit of duck with mole, pan-seared halibut, or roasted poblano and vegetable strata. For dessert you're at the mercy of the chef who whips up a flan of the day. All that, plus a glass of wine is included. Mint's three course dinner items will change slightly at the beginning of October, but nonetheless you should expect the same high quality, inventive flavor, and manageable bill. KS

Polish Festival

3900 N Interstate, Sat-Sun Sept 25-26

Make as many Polish jokes as you want, the Polish don't care, they're too busy having a great time chowing down on sausages, dancing the polka, and listening to bona fide Polish rock bands. Enjoy traditional Polish cuisine like delicious pierogis--dumplings stuffed with potatoes and cheese or cabbage--pork chops, potato pancakes, and sour rye soup. And no Polish celebration is complete without legal narcotics, like espresso, wine, and beer. The festival is having 3,000 bottles of beer imported from Poland and McMenamins has even crafted a special Polish brew specifically for the occasion. So stop by, get drunk and full, and don't worry about making an ass out of yourself when you're dancing a jig. KS Saturday festival hours 11 am-10 pm, Sunday noon-7 pm.

Coleen's, 22 NE 7th

(behind Ozone Phase 3), 546-8796

Formerly O3, Ozone Phase 3's coffee shop owner Colleen French has changed the name, and fashioned a unique and satisfying café. A smart well-selected menu offers breakfast and lunch fare that is made to order and deee-lish! Try the Spanish Omelet, a hearty wedge of eggy delight, or venture towards the crisp and savory Vegan-Vegetable Pancakes (my fave!). Daily Lunch Specials kick up the creativity a notch. Prices range from $3-$7.50, quite a bargain, for a sweet hand-crafted meal. MLS