Doug Fir Restaurant

830 E Burnside, 7 am-4 am daily

I know, I know, it's all you're hearing about these days, but the Doug Fir is the most exciting thing to happen to Portland since, I don't knowÉ Mt. St. Helens erupting! Sure, it's awesome that we'll have a cool new music venue, but I'm more psyched for the late-night eats. Until now, the Montage has cornered the market on drunk dining (not to mention it's one of the few Portland restaurants that stays open past 9 pm!), but the Doug Fir is bringing some stiff competition. With signature items like filet mignon and eggs, venison tenderloin, plus gourmet salads and burgers, the Doug Fir has plenty of options--SERVED UNTIL 4 AM EVERY DAY. Wow, it's like Portland is becoming a real city or something. KS

Annual Harvest Festival

at the People's Year-round Farmer's Market, 3029 SE 21st, Wednesday Oct. 13, 1-8 pm, free

Since you need to stock up on fresh produce anyway, stop by this Wednesday's farmer's market, and enjoy some beer and music with your shopping. Local klezmer sensations Schicky Gnarowitz will be playing along with Belisss, and BoNeSet, plus there are a number of activities to grab your attention. Check out the craft table hosted by SCRAP, the pumpkin carving table, the pie eating contest, a cider press, an apple tasting station, and more. Or, spend the afternoon sampling organic beer and wine in the beer garden, then stumble home to bed nice and early. KS

Pasha's Bountiful Lunch Buffet

19 NW 5th, 222-1667, Mon-Fri, 11-3 pm, $6.95

If you're a fan of the gourmet lunch buffet, Old Town's new restaurant Pasha has one you shouldn't miss. With dozens of different options, there is something for everyone, from creamy fettuccine to beef stroganoff, to coleslaw, to tabouleh, to homemade soup. Not everything on the buffet is top notch--the lamb was excessively chewy, and a few of their items were too salty or over-spiced--but staples like stuffed grape leaves and stewed eggplant were delicious. Use your first trip to the buffet to sample the goods, then head back and load up on your favorites. The host of dishes rotates frequently, and there are so damn many you could eat at Pasha daily and never get bored. KS