Local Fairy

Last week, local micro distillery Integrity Spirits released their Trillium Absinthe Supérieure to a delighted and anxious public. Trillium quickly sold out in liquor stores around the state, most likely due to the high demand for this now legal liquor and the media blitz that accompanied its unveiling. This release makes Integrity Spirits only the second American distillery since 1912 to produce absinthe.

Absinthe, the storied liquor with heavy tones of anise, is fabled to have strange powers over the mind. However, the power of absinthe is more likely linked to its high proof.

A New Hub for Foodies

The opening of the Lincoln restaurant on N Williams heralds the arrival of a new gustatory complex dubbed The Hub. With 30,000 square feet available for somewhere around 30 retailers, The Hub is expected to become a foodie mecca in North Portland.

Food-related residents of The Hub are already lining up and include a coffee roaster, pasta makers, and an artisan cheese shop. Along with the Lincoln, a few more restaurants are expected.

As the inaugural eatery, the Lincoln appears to follow the standard operating procedure for new Portland restaurants: local ingredients, seasonal menu, laidback atmosphere, and high-end cuisine. They also claim it's "non-fluffy." Expect a full exploration in an upcoming Last Supper.

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