My Father's Place, 523 SE Grand, 235-5494, 5-7 pm daily, 25 cents off well drinks, pints, and bottles

At Portland's most reliable hipster dive bar, the prices are so cheap to begin with, this happy hour is almost negligible. But you should hang out here anyway.

The 5th Quadrant, 3901-B N Williams, 288-3996, 4-6 pm daily, $2.75 pints, $1 off cocktails

The owners of rad brewpubs New Old Lompoc and Hedge House set this new baby up, which is already getting great buzz, and it sports liquor!

Belmont's Inn, 3357 SE Belmont, 232-1998, 4-7 pm daily, $2 wells, $2.50 micros

Sadly, Middle Belmont is nothing like Middle-Earth, but at least it has Belmont's Inn, a great dive bar with friendly staff, a ton of pool tables, and daily food specials.

La Merde, 301 SE Morrison, 234-1324, 4-6 pm Mon-Fri, $3 drink specials

Le Bistro Montage finally enters adulthood with this pretty swanky new bar annex. The high schoolers will remain next door so you can drink your Rainier in peace.

Zach's Shack, 4611 SE Hawthorne, 971-235-9888, 4-8 pm daily, $2.50 micros and imports, $1.25 PBR Tallboys, $1 off wine

All this AND the best beef and veggie dogs in town? Hot dog is right!

Acme, 1305 SE 8th, 230-9020, 5-7 pm daily, food and drink specials

Hmm... um... let's see... yup! We still love Acme, and we especially love it from 5 to 7 pm, when drinks are cheap, and burgers are, like, $4.