Katie O'Brien's, 2809 NE Sandy, 234-8573, Mon-Fri 3-7 pm, rotating daily specials on booze & brews

An Irish pub in the loosest sense. A good amount of beers on tap and a hangover-killing three-egg breakfast bring in the morning weary and thirsty. After all, that Bloody Mary isn't going to drink itself.

Kells, 112 SW 2nd, 227-4057, Mon-Fri 4-7 pm, Mon-Thurs 10 pm-midnight, Sun 7-10 pm, cheap pub fare

Known for its wall of liquor and the gaggles of outer-borough frat types that come in looking to get laid on the weekends. You'll need to start drinking that scotch early.

Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington, 228-3669, Mon-Fri 4-7 pm, $1 off well & draft, cheap food

The place I went when Hunter S. Thompson offed himself. Downtown rock 'n' roll dive bar. Flat-screen TVs, lots of mirrors, and motorcycles hanging like Swords of Damocles.

Kenton Station, 8303 N Denver, 286-9242, daily 4-6 pm, $1 off domestics, special cocktails, Micro Monday all micros are $3, Fri cheap shots of Jack Daniels

Working-class bar just up the road from Paul Bunyan, who would drink there if he could. Nice old building, plenty of pool tables, vintage fixtures—a slice of history.