The Lamp, 3023 SE Milwaukie, 234-7000, daily 3-6 pm, $2.50 wells, $3.50 micros, $1.50 Hamm's, $2.50 domestic bottles, $4 food

An overlooked Southeast gem! Boasting top-notch, reasonably priced grub and an honest pour, the Lamp also has some of the friendliest, funniest, sexiest staff that you will ever have the pleasure of being served by. They are goddamned professionals. I should know, I used to work there.

LaurelThirst Public House, 2958 NE Glisan, 232-1504, free show every night.

Yep... that's the happy hour. I have to say that the LaurelThirst draws a really diverse crowd and some pretty unbelievable hippie dancing when the Freak Mountain Ramblers come to jam. Nice pool table in the back and a spot-on music venue for any genre created before 1969.

Laurelwood NW Public House, 2327 NW Kearney, 228-5553, daily 3-6 pm & 9 pm-close, $1 off pints & cheap food

Who doesn't want to spend a sunny afternoon sipping some microbrews on the patio of a NW Portland home built in 1902? Jerks that don't enjoy life, that's who! So... no jerks here. Added bonus: Watching Nob Hill types traipse through their trendy neighborhood. And boy can they traipse!

Leaky Roof, 1538 SW Jefferson, 222-3745, Mon-Fri 4-6:30 pm, cheap food

Tucked away in Goose Hollow, the Leaky Roof is one of the more authentic Irish joints in Portland. These people know their whiskys (no "e" in the Irish version) as well as they know their food, which is cheap as hell during happy hour.