Leisure Public House, 8002 N Lombard, 289-7606, daily 4-6 pm, $1 off beers, $2 off pitchers

Bocce ball is maybe the best game to play when you're drunk. It's not quite as hard as horseshoes and if you've had enough booze, you begin to develop bizarre ball-throwing strategies (like caroming the ball off of your competitor's noggin). This is only one good reason to hang out on the patio of Leisure Public House.

Life of Riley, 300 NW 10th, 224-1680, daily 4-7 pm, $1 off drinks, cheap food

Who is this Riley, anyway? And why is his life supposedly so grand? Does it have something to do with shuffleboard or pool or having a low-down joint in the Pearl? Why am I asking these questions? Why aren't I at the Life of Riley right at this very instant for happy hour?

Limelight Restaurant and Lounge, 6708 SE Milwaukie, 235-5797, Sun-Thurs 2-6 pm & 11 pm-close, $2.50 well drinks

Westmoreland time! I don't get out to this little 'hood as often as I should—especially when there are places like the Limelight where I can hang out and shoot pool and generally be my slovenly drunken self. They've got some good food and some fine locals to keep you company, so rolling down Milwaukie is less a chore than a pleasure.

Living Room Theaters, 341 SW 10th, 971-222-2010, Mon-Fri, 4-6 pm, $2 beer of the day, $4 wine, $6 cosmo, cheap food

Okay, imagine a McMenamins theater pub, now smash it with a wrecking ball, build a condo, evict all the tenants, raze the upper floors, remodel the remaining units to look like movie theaters and build a bar in the foyer. Now, call up the snobbiest movie snob you know and have them come over to your movie-pub/condo-theater-bar and bring the most obscure films in their collection. It's kinda like that.