Mint/820, 816 N Russell, 284-5518; Mon-Tues 4-8 pm, Wed all day, Thurs-Sat 4-6:30 pm: $6 specialty cocktails, $3.50 drafts, $4 wells, cheap food

I feel absolutely fey every time I order an avocado daiquiri at 820, but goddamn if it isn't one of my favorite blended cocktails of all time. Buttery avocado and a float of pomegranate puree makes for a dynamic boozy rum drink sure to make you forget that you're drinking like a big fat sissy-boy. PAC

McPeet's, 4501 NE Fremont St, 287-0625, various daily booze specials

McPeet's is unintentionally retro with a smoky atmosphere and prices that haven't been adjusted for inflation. Much like Pabst, which transformed itself from working class to hipster, the pub has been usurped by twentysomethings looking for a good time at half the price. SB

Meadows Lounge, 5823 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, 771-9820; Mon-Fri 12-1 pm: $2.50 wells, $1.50 drafts; 3-6 pm $2.75 wells, $1.75 drafts, cheap food

My grandpa Wally loves the sauce and would fit in comfortably at Meadows Lounge. I can envision him downing a couple of Buds and a hot dog, enjoying a game of shuffleboard with a bleached-haired, middle-aged dame, and hobbling back to his veteran's home with a grin on his wrinkled face. SB

Miss Delta, 3950 N Mississippi Ave, 287-7629; daily 5-6 pm & 10 pm-closing: $3 pints, $3.50 wells, $1 off specialty cocktails, cheap food

Summer at Miss Delta might make you want to don a white linen suit and a jaunty hat and prop yourself up in a secluded corner to ruminate on the finer points of Tennessee Williams' oeuvre. Then when the liquor kicks in, you can stumble around and holler like the trailer trash you really are. Best of both worlds. PAC