Bryan Richardson
Lots of places have crepes on their menus, but only a handful can call themselves creperies--magical places where you'll find little but thin pancakes stuffed with a myriad of delicious ingredients. "Creperie," what a romantic word... Seduce your mouth with these, the cutest creperies in town.

Fold, Streamline Trailer No. 43
2921 NE Alberta, Official Reopen Date, Nov. 2

A new mover and shaker on the crepe scene, this one-woman operation gets huge props for her sweet biz name and the kickass silver Streamline trailer Fold calls home. The business is on the move from Mississippi to Alberta (the advantage of having your restaurant in a trailer)--so stop by and see the new surroundings on Last Thursday, October 28th. While you're there, don't miss the Salmon Chevre savory crepe made with ricotta, dill, chives, sweet onion, the titular salmon, and French goat cheese. It's very adult. On the sweet side, the Mango Cardamom is a cut above, "folding" butter, lime, mint, and coconut with the fruit, creating an untraditional standout with the complexity and brilliance of a fine French dessert. MLS

Chez Machin
3553 SE Hawthorne, 736-9381

The crepes on the menu are more delicious than the daily specials, so pick from one of their 17 tried and true savory varieties or 12 sweet ones. My obsession is the #13, made with mozzarella, avocado, greens, tomato, shrimp, and Tabasco on a buckwheat crepe. Also delicious is the #9, with ham, brie, avocado, mushrooms, and crème fraîche. The generous size and weight of the meal has the curious impact of making you eat at a leisurely pace, savoring the melted cheese and grab bag of meat and vegetables. While you might feel too full to order a sweet crepe, the simple cinnamon and sugar or fresh lemon and sugar are light, wondrous, crispy, and worth the discomfort. KS

Le Happy
1011 NW 16th, 226-1258

Open way late every night, this is the NW spot for nibbling and sipping after 10 pm. The Demi-Vegan Tofu has been my fave savory since first I tried it years ago. Mind you, I've tasted other Le Happy savories, but this is the one I crave. Stuffed with tofu, cucumbers, cilantro, onions, and fermented black beans (sounds gross, but tastes delicious!) it is spiced up with an awe-inspiring Panang peanut sauce, which has a gracious kick that compliments a cold beer. To finish, I rarely stray from one of the Nutella selections, usually tossing a coin between the banana or strawberry. Heads or tails, I win. (P.S. Catch Le Happy's happening Queer Night on Mondays). MLS

Crêpe House
Créperie Twenty-Three, NW 23rd Ave & Johnson

Nestled in a nook in Portland's upscale shopping district, the first thing I noticed was how cheap this stand's crepes were. Most savories ring in at about five bucks and the sweet around three. It's obvious that the lack of "overhead" helps keep it cheap. I am smitten with the #7, filled with avocado, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and pesto sauce, which gives it the garlicky tang that brings the ingredients to life. Stay simple with the sweets here--the #10 lemon and sugar is divine--or try one of the daily specials. Next time you're dropping tons of dough on 23rd, take refuge at the Crepe House and give your mouth and your wallet a treat. MLS

Snow White House
SW 9th Ave & Yamhill

The first place in the United States I ever had a crepe was the Snow White House. Owner Abby makes a mean crepe, filling her creations with more ingredients than I ever think will fit into the delicate covering. Open mostly in the spring, summer, and early fall, and only for lunch, Snow White bucks any pretense and offers simple fare on paper plates. The spinach, tomato, and mozzarella sprinkled with salt and pepper looks more like a burrito than a crepe, and fills my stomach perfectly. Snow White is a relic in an ever-shifting downtown food-cart landscape--one taste and you'll know why it's survived. MLS