Pan Mexicano
1465 NE Prescott

WARNING: I'm about to describe a food that may send you reeling in horror... but I swear to God, it's delish. No, it's not brains... and no, it's not dangly bits from the undercarriage of a cow. It's corn. On the cob. Which is not disgusting, right? Anyone disgusted by corn on the cob should proceed directly to Savage Love, because if you hate corn, you're not going to like what comes next.

So there's this tamale cart on the corner of 15th and Prescott, right? Looks a lot like a hot dog cart, and the guy who runs it does sell hot dogs--but mostly tamales. And the tamales are niiiiiice. Wrapped in cornhusks and daintily tied at both ends, these corn meal beauties are FAT, and stuffed with tender chicken, sautéed peppers, and onions. Buy a couple of these babies for $1.75 each and you're set...or you would be, if it weren't for the "corn on the cob" issue.

Now, this guy's gonna ask if you want corn on the cob. And if you love corn on the cob, you're gonna say "Yes." Then he's gonna ask if you want it "Mexican style." And you're going to pause... then ask, "Okay... what's 'Mexican Style?'" And he's gonna say (brace yourself), "The corn's rolled in goat cheese, salsa, and mayonnaise."

Okay. Did you recoil? If so, that's a good indication you could be more adventuresome in your eating habits. Because this "Mexican Style" corn is lip-smackin' delicioso and tastes soooo sweet, soooo creamy, and thanks to the salsa, has just the right amount of kick. Now, of course it's fatty (it's got mayonnaise on it!), so you shouldn't eat a couple of cobs and then play a rousing game of full-court basketball. But team it up with a plump, tasty tamale? That strange-sounding cob will put you into the most delightful food coma, and give you sweet, buttery dreams all night long. Don't believe it? Fine. All the more for me.