As yummy as DiPrima Dolci's warm, fried zeppoli are, who can wait for the last Saturday of each month to indulge a sweet tooth? You've got a chocolate jones now. A hot fudge monkey on your back. An ice cream itch that needs to be scratched. You can go for Russell Street Barbecue's ooey-gooey brownie turtle sundae (smothered in vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel), head over to Southwest's Multnomah Village for toe-curling chocolate-covered orange peels at Sweets, Etc., or nibble on Tao of Tea's array of exotic snacks, like red bean cake or honey-brushed date and coconut flatbread. This town has sugar shacks of all sizes and shapes, serving up plenty of goodies to fuel your buzz.

Annie's Donuts
3449 NE 72nd, 284-2752

Like a hermit crab adopting a new shell, Annie's took over an old Winchell's years ago, and NE Portland has been damn happy since. The Cambodian family that runs the place works its collective butt off making scrumptious apple fritters, cinnamon-and-sugar-dusted applesauce donuts, airy creme-filled bizmarks, and glorious buttermilk bars just for you. Most donuts are a mere fifty cents. The plain donuts, if you're lucky enough to get them still warm and cushy-soft, are extra good with a blue-collar cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Krispy Kreme? What's that?

Blue Gardenia
3747 N Mississippi, 460-2583

Sit a spell. The Southern decor at Christy Goldsby's café makes the small space comfy and inviting. The variety of treats she and her mom bake is wide--tangy lemon tarts, crunchy biscotti for coffee dunking, even homemade granola--and there's not a dinger in the bunch. Try the Mississippi Ho-Ho, an addictive cocoa-powered twinkie made with local buttermilk and stuffed with homemade marshmallow. The vegan Miss-A-Hippie oatmeal cookies are a magical mix of maple syrup, toasted almonds, bittersweet chocolate chips, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. Keep your eye out for galettes (think mini dessert pizza) with local berries and a sour cream crust.

Muddy's Coffeehouse
3560 N Mississippi, 445-6690

Muddy's, No-Po's answer to the Pied Cow, gets extra props for breathing new life into the wonderful, creaky old house it inhabits. You can get great breakfasts, salads, and sandwiches here, including a slammin' marinated tofu panini, and a smoked gouda grilled cheese. But the desserts more than hold their own. The chocolate mousse is super velvety, and topped with fresh berries. The combo of juicy-sweet pears and nutty shortbread in the signature Porter's Pear Pie will make you sing, the moist carrot cake is tailor-made for discerning vegans, and if you're having a crappy day, Muddy's ice cream sundae--topped with their own fragrant candied pecans--can fix it and then some. They have weekly chocolate and cheesecake specials, too, and for $3.50, a classic root beer float topped off with a quaffe of fresh whip cream.

Pix Patisserie
3402 SE Division, 232-4407

Pix is basically Toys 'R' Us for chocoholics. Its list of luxurious desserts is staggering. Whether you opt for the Ambrosia (rosemary ganache and reduced port cake), the Troubadour (ganache, marzipan, crystallized ginger cake) or the sinful chocolate-covered, Kirsch-infused drunken cherries, you'll be glad you found this place. Tuesday is free movie night from 6-8 pm, so grab a hot chocolate and munch on a few espresso macaroons while you and your date watch Pete's Dragon.

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House
707 SE 12th, 232-2640

Rimsky's is one of those classic Portland spots, like Berbati's or Dot's; any Portland hipster worth his or her salt knows this tried and true hangout. Drop into Rimsky's for a cappuccino, Café Vienna, or Borgia (orange mocha) and one of their irresistible, calorie-dense desserts, like their chocolate raspberry fool. But there's oh so much more! A chocolatey cookie crust nestles rich espresso-orange cheesecake. Local rhubarb pairs with cinnamon beneath a brown sugar and oatmeal crumble. Nutella and hazelnuts make up a luscious chocolate tart. In the mood for ice cream? Grab a spoon, and dig into the Ship Goes to Pieces Against a Rock sundae (choco-mint ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream). And hit the treadmill next week.