Chris Ho
On one of the last warm evenings of fall before this Mad Max goes beyond Depressiondome, I rode my bike up to Alberta and picked up some Thai soul food. With all those diabolical carbs in the white rice and fat in the coconut milk, it's not something I indulge in too much these days. I certainly wouldn't want to make matters worse by heading into winter with a fat ass.

Like any good Thai restaurant should, the menu items at Thai Noon have been numbered. Therefore I can easily tell you that there are 38 dinner options and 10 lunch dishes. I can't tell you how many beverages there are because those don't have numbers, but I can tell you they have a rippin' Thai iced coffee for $1.25. My personal dinner favorite, the green curry, is always done up just right. Not too sweet, with a smart array of veggies and tofu for the vegetarian, and ample portions of beef or chicken for the meat head. And, as it should be, slightly on the warmer side of the spectrum for the spicy options.

Another classic fave here is the Pad Thai. A heaping pile of rice noodles tossed with green onion, egg, bean sprouts, and ground peanut makes for a simple winner. Black fungus is accompanied by ginger, mushrooms, veggies and baby bok choi in a stir-fry dish called the Ginger Lovely. A more lavish dish I recommend would be the three flavored fish. The fish--in this case salmon--is one flavor but with three sauces, basil leaves and rice. Throw a couple salad rolls into the mix and some green tea ice cream and you'll have yourself a little Thai food party that you can take back to your house. Might as well enjoy the party while it lasts, since any day now you'll be too devastated to leave the couch. JOE FAUSTIN KELLY