Chuck does not approve.
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  • Chuck does not approve.

In my review of Dead Rising 2 (see this week's edition of The Mercury), I stated the following:

While I'm still wishing DR2 included a mode that dumped the series' ever-present timer, it isn't nearly as unforgiving as its predecessor.

While that still stands, and I do truly wish the title screen included a "Free Roam" option, I have discovered that Capcom and developer Blue Castle Games have included the option for you to explore things at your own pace.

This, however, comes with two caveats.

First, you are still bound by the game's overarching 72-hour time limit. Whether you like it or not, the military will show up in 3 days, just like Sullivan says.

Second, you have to be an intensely cruel bastard to enjoy this de facto free roam mode.

Hit the jump (and brace yourself for minor spoilers) and I'll explain.

Ok, so you're thinking to yourself "'Intensely cruel bastard,' huh? I can do that! I pull the wings off of kittens and stab the elderly in the face every chance I get! Tell me how I can explore Fortune City without any damn survivors to worry about."

Alright, first step, ignore your daughter's needs. Sure, she'll turn into a shambling corpse within a few hours if she doesn't get proper medical treatment, but what do you care? You wanna see the sights!

Second? Ignore all the shrieking, crying survivors you hear as you're running around Fortune City. They'll plead, beg and some will even attack you, but you've got more important things to worry about. Like how many bottles of vodka you can chug before puking, or how often you can visit the girls at the Peep Hole before they get totally creeped out.

And that's it! Accomplish these two dastardly deeds, and refuse to quit playing whenever the game gives you the option to restart or load an earlier game just because you so willfully ignored the game's innate concept of morality, and you've got 3 days to roam the zombie-filled streets of Fortune City.

I hope you have fun, you evil son of a bitch.