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$275 Game tester Looking for Male gamer / shared room in Bellevue (Bellevue )

Looking for a Male Gamer to share a room , whos clean and respectful and wont throw a gaming controller at something and break it or throw a controller at someone ( lol I've seen people freak with video games lol but please non of that here ) who's stable and doesn't do drugs , Doesn't drink or smoke . And is between the ages of 18-28 . This Is a great affordable place and will be shared between you and me and one other male adult . The room is 550 a month with uttilities covered and your share and mine of rent at 275. We could talk about Video games , play Xbox 360 , Nintendo Wii , Nintendo gamecube , Nintendo 64 etc... We could play online and play any MMO RPGs or even online core console games . Even if you play old school Nintendo or Sega dreamcast games As long as we can talk about gaming it's all good . I'm currently a Game tester but would like to share the space with A gamer , student at Degipen , game tester for Nintendo / Mircosoft or employee at Gamestop what ever you do please be a Gamer lol ( because it's easy to relate to them ) Theirs no deposit needed just to point out .
This place can help you maintain yourself at such a low price . I askthst younplease consider ASAP!
This place needs to be filled before the end of the month so please respond
Why I'm looking to share.
1. It's cheap to pay rent between two people .
2. You'll live with another person who you can relate to and get along with well
3. Gaming is pricy if your on your own so sharing a space save you money on rent and allows you to support your gaming addictions lol
4. I know a lot about video games since I test them and currently up to date with what I read online

Just a heads up I don't play WOW but with the money I'll save I can get an account and join your teams . That goes for any other online games . I do what to point out that I'm gay but I have a lover in burien so pay no mind to that . But please be gay friendly This place can turn into a gamers paradise . I got consoles and games in pawn but come next month I'll have my stuff back so if you like Resident evil or haven't played it you'll great a chance to play many of the games in the series . I also own shin megami tensai persona 3 and persona 4 . A shit load of Nintendo gamecube games . A few great Wii titles and much more then please reply ASAP! Also have Netflixs will work on Setting up Internet so you can watch via xbox 360, wii, PS3 or your smart phone . Lots of video games here and a lot of possibilities of hosting Xbox parties . We can't be loud tho but , it's cheap allows you to buy new games , consoles , handhelds , whatever and still have a cheap place to share with a another Gamer. So I'm asking that you can pay your share of rent and have a job a source of income and if interested I can hook you up with a second job as a game tester . If interest contact me at 208-XXX-XXXX or at the email address above . Roommate needed ASAP by the first but possible to move in before long as we have rent .