Did you guys play Flappy Bird? If not, good work. It's a stupid, frustrating game that was stupid and amazing and compelling in the way that texting your ex when you drive through his city just to see what will happen is compelling. Also, the developer made a bajillion dollars on it and then pulled it from stores because he either couldn't take the negative feedback OR was secretly pretty sure he was going to get sued for copying art from the Mario games.

FLAPPY BIRD: Not even once
  • FLAPPY BIRD Not even once.

Good news for me, though... as they are not people to miss an opportunity, the people behind Sesame Street created a Flappy Bird clone called Flappy Bert and gosh is it cute. What a beautiful, horrible thing to do to me, Sesame Street.

But here's the thing: not all videogame apps are terrible like this! Some make us read books. Some make us, at the very least, think or develop a skill set. Like, for example....

1. SOCIAL INTERACTION IN FANTASY LANDS: Lords of Waterdeep is a fantastic board game and a wonderful multiplayer phone/iPad game as well. It's set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, it's complex, and it's a great way to (sort of) interact with your friends. It's like Words with Friends for fantasy nerds who are bad at words (like me).

2. MATHS: My favorite new game is "Threes!," which requires you to add numbers together and strategize. It's may not be teaching you nuclear physics or anything, but it is a heck of a lot better for you than Flappy Bird. I think.

  • THREES Please don't tell me if your high score is over 1,500.

Please tell me the games I forgot in the comments below. I've gotta go "get some work done."