"the Belmont Goats have been in my neighborhood almost as long as I have"

So, like a year? They're a relatively recent addition to the neighborhood.

"Goats have oval-shaped pupils"

No, depending on who you talk to they either have slit-shaped pupils, or rounded-rectangle shaped pupils.

They've been there since.. I think 2010 or 2011, on and off. Originally they were used as lawnmowers of sorts but the storeowner on Morrison missed them so he bought them, making it more of a goat pasture that you could enter, and to a certain extent feed. I saw the little orange goats at only a few days old, and I was as gitty as the toddler next to me. A friend of mine is helping curate this new goat pasture, which I think will be a good addition to the Lents neighborhood. Sucks not having the goats on my daily commute, and it really sucks that Goat Simulator won't have multiplayer, but oh well.

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