Looks like Time Warner is preparing their next big superhero for a TV series and an upcoming movie franchise. And it's...The Flash?

I really like The Flash. I think he's a character whose powers are well-suited to the comics medium, and he's had some great talent on his book over the last seven decades. But come on. Come on, people. The next choice for a superhero movie should be obvious: Wonder Woman. She already had a successful TV series. She's the most high-visibility superhero to not have a movie in the works. There's presumably a Justice League movie on the horizon. Why wouldn't Time Warner be putting her on the fast-track? Is it because the conventional wisdom dictates that female-led superhero movies don't succeed? The three superhero movies that I can think of off the top of my head that starred women didn't fail because they starred women. They failed because everything about the movies were terrible, from top to bottom. If you put top-notch writers, directors, and stars on a Wonder Woman movie, you'll make money. I assume that Time Warner wants to make money. So what's the problem?