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The January 6 Committee makes their prime time debut tonight to spill the tea.
The January 6 Committee makes their prime time debut tonight to spill the tea. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Break out your slickers and rubbers—umm... NO, not for that—it's for the rain, silly! Expect lots of clouds and showers on Friday with a high of 66, and right now? Expect a lot of NEWS.


• Welp, the Portland Police are being sued AGAIN, this time for allegedly failing to properly investigate the case of a man who was trying to divert traffic away from a protest march in 2020 and was run over by the driver of a truck pulling a trailer. While cops claimed there was no video evidence of the hit and run—turns out there WAS. And worse still, the cop assigned to the case reportedly blamed the victim. (Another one in a million of "NOT GOOD LOOKS.")

• Another great reason we voted NRA endorsed Democrat Kurt Schrader OUT: "Oregon’s Kurt Schrader votes against gun control bill passed by U.S. House."

• Hey people in the Corbett and Troutdale area! Be on the lookout for what officials are calling the "Perennial Pooper"—someone who's dumped around 500 bags of human feces on the side of roads over the last FIVE YEARS. (I've heard the phrase "when you've gotta go, you've gotta go"... but this is ridiculous!)

• Portland-born director Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals) is one of the most acclaimed Native American filmmakers of his generation, and he spoke to the Mercury about his new TV series Dark Winds, and the powerful feeling of putting the project's focus on a Native hero.


• TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT: It's the first of several public televised hearings in which the January 6 Congressional Panel will reveal what they've discovered during their investigation of the domestic terror attack on the nation's capitol. It's scheduled to run from 5 pm to 8 pm on all major networks (except for the entirely culpable Fox News, of course). I wonder if Trump will watch?

• Very much related, the FBI has arrested a Michigan Republican candidate for governor for his involvement in the January 6 domestic terrorist attack.

• Tangentially related: A white Michigan police officer has been arrested and charged with MURDER for shooting and killing a Black man, Patrick Lyoya, during a (you guessed it) routine traffic stop.

• Today's mass shooting: Three dead, one critically injured in a concrete molding company in Smithsburg, Maryland, when a gunman fired on employees before escaping and then getting shot by the cops. Details are still emerging.

• Today in "It's about goddamn time!": "NASA launches study of UFOs despite ‘reputational risk’."

• And finally... rents are on the rise—and so is this guy's blood pressure, and for a damn good reason!