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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! And good bye, mini heatwave... because we've got a string of perfectly sunny days ahead with highs around 80. Enjoy the summer while you have it, and enjoy this NEWS (I hope)!


• Local activist group Don't Shoot PDX hit a snag in their attempts to file a class action suit against the Portland Police, citing that there were many, MANY people abused by the abusive cops during the 2020 racial justice protests. (True!) However, Judge Marco Hernandez ruled there aren't enough commonalities between people hit by tear gas and munitions to place them in a specific class. BUT! That's not exactly good news for the cops either. Find out why in this report from our Alex Zielinski.

• An Oregon Appeals Court has significantly cut the penalty levied against Gresham bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa (who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple), from $135,000 to $30,000 because of "bias." (WOW, that is some freaking irony right there, isn't it?)

• Headline: "Oregon spent $2.4 million on a digital COVID-19 vaccine card few are using." Wait... WHAT digital COVID-19 card??

• Be sure to glance up from your beer to look at the biggest, brightest full moon of the year in the clear skies of Oregon tonight (rising at 9:41 pm)!

• Do you love nachos with all your heart? YES, YOU DO!! That’s why you’re gonna flip ass-over-teakettle for the Mercury’s NACHO WEEK: $6 plates of creative nachos from some of the most skillful snack makers around town—and it's running NOW through this Sunday, July 17! DO NOT MISS THIS DELICIOUSNESS!


• The FDA has authorized yet another COVID vaccine for adults, this one from Novavax, giving people another choice other than Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J.

• Not-so-great news for the economy: Inflation is on the rise again. Here's why it's so high and when it might ease up.

• Today in journalism whoopsy-doodles: The Wall Street Journal called the story of a 10-year-old Ohio girl crossing state lines for an abortion after being raped (which President Biden cited) as a "fanciful" and "unlikely" story—until an Ohio newspaper confirmed an arrest in the case. WHOOPSY-DOODLE!

• Despite those gorgeous pics of deep space, a growing number of scientists and others want to rename the James Webb Space Telescope... because of his association with anti-LGBTQ policies.

• Hey, even sex cannibals gotta eat. Wait....

• And finally... I just found the Mercury's newest tagline.