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Good afternoon, Portland. Long Live Kate Bush. Happily, I greet you in the thick of tomato season. Now let's hit that juicy juicy news.


• In July, a volunteer-led city commission recommended that Portland adopt a technology called ShotSpotter, to allow police an additional way to monitor gun violence. The technology uses small microphones placed on street lights, telephone poles, or other tall structures in city neighborhoods to detect gunshot sounds. Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski reports that Smart City PDX—the city office focused on surveillance technology and public data ethics—has expressed significant doubts about the tool.

• Inform the public? About a landfill? How could that possibly interest them? 

• In this week's Savage Love, Dan wades into the quandary: Should a reader take a monkey pox pause in dating an escort, despite them both being vaccinated?

• Check out some of Janey Wong's favorite homemade vehicles from this year's 23rd annual soapbox derby!


• A skeleton crew of 100 Ukrainian workers are currently detained by Russian solders in Zaporizhzhia, where Russians have held a nuclear power plant for the last five months. These workers are "standing between the world and a nuclear calamity," the New York Times reports. Despite calls from the United Nations for a demilitarized zone around the plant or —at the very least—a visit from International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to make sure everything is operating safely, Russia instead says it's going to disconnect the plant from Ukraine's energy grid and connect it to a Russian grid. Serhiy Shvets, a metalworker at the plant, described the situation: “They are like a monkey with a grenade, not really understanding the threat they are posing.”

• Today in 'dem classified documents.

• Sen. Lindsey Graham has been pulling out all the legal stops, trying to avoid a grand jury subpoena to testify about former President Trump's interference with the 2020 election. He's most recently been arguing that congressional members are shielded from giving testimony about matters related to their work in Congress. On Monday, a federal judge gave him until tomorrow morning—9 am!—to file a motion explaining what exactly he doesn't want to testify about and how it pertains to his work in Congress.

• In response, Graham said:

@jack.frank #greenscreen He must have the greatest fixers in political history. #politicalsatire #veep #cnn #msnbc #libsoftiktok #lindseygraham ♬ original sound - Jack