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Good Afternoon, Portland! Long Live Kate Bush and now apparently we also worship this goose. Before you pick up your mat and follow him, take one last gander at the news!


On Monday night, an accident involving the collapse of a free-standing brick column killed one student and injured several others at Lewis & Clark College. OPB has the report.

• If you've been hearing about movie tickets only costing $3 on Saturday, that's related to the newly created National Cinema Day. Like all new holidays we find foisted onto us, we're asking who made this? And does my favorite theater even participate? WELL, WE CHECKED.

•  TriMet’s new FX2-Division line launches next month, with the intention of improving service and times along Southeast Division's busy corridor. Strangely, the launch of the line is the same day TriMet is cutting or reducing 10 bus lines.

• Why do people who say they don't want a relationship continue to come over? And throw us birthday parties... WITH HOMEMADE DECORATIONS?! Dan explains in this week's Savage Love.

• You know what's up. It's Free Ticket Tuesday, and this week the Mercury has a chance for you to win spots at upcoming Everclear (!) and Billy Joel(!?!) shows. 


• Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev died today at age 91. The New York Times obituary describes him as leader who walked the line between staunch communists and capitalist reformers, leading  Russia through the end of the Cold War and dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Read further reactions to his death here.

• The 2022 US Open is likely the last tennis tournament Serena Williams will play in professionally—and she just crushed her first singles match. Williams play doubles with her sister Venus tomorrow. In early August, Williams announced she will "evolve away from tennis."

And now we return to our regularly scheduled goose worship.

@calliebroaddus The moment was even more protracted and chaotic than you knew. Working at @natgeo was always exciting, but this moment in the courtyard became NG legend. Here’s my original video, with some bonus content 🫡🦆👑 #allhailthegoose #hailthegoose (@Syd ♬ original sound - Callie Broaddus