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Good Afternoon, Portland! Two months ago, after a sweaty bike ride, I told a friend I was quadruple vaccinated. "How can that be?" she asked. It could not be. It was not be. Those shots weren't available yet. If they had been, maybe I wouldn't have been knocked out for most of August. But we've got some good news about omicron boosters—so let's get to it!


• Omicron-specific booster shots are now available in Oregon for anyone ages 12 and up. Where can you get them soonest? And does a recent march through coronavirus valley (it me) impact when you should get your shot? The Mercury's Isabella Garcia reports.

• Every September, TBA kicks off what many think of as the start of “art season” in Portland. Los Angeles-based musician San Cha (whose 2019 show was nigh impossible to get into) opens the fest's 20th celebration  this Thursday. It's in a bigger space, so—if you missed San Cha the first time around—this is your chance to experience the magic! And if you were one of the lucky few in attendance, back in 2019, you’ve probably already got tickets. Read about San Cha and more, in our 2022 preview.

• Nancy Pelosi was in Portland today:

"There are more subs out there than Doms," Dan Savage writes in this week's Savage Love. "But you shouldn’t assume that guys who find the sub role more appealing aren’t also turned on by the Dominant role." Read more about the Dom / sub bell curve and the wisdom Savage sought from a Boston-based kinky gay Dom.

You're curious about psychedelics and mushrooms. WHO ISN'T? Well, this week's Mercury Free Ticket Tuesday wants to set you up with passes to the upcoming "Horizons Northwest: Perspectives on Psychedelics" symposium. You've got until Thursday to enter!



• A judge has ordered Couy Griffin removed from his office as commissioner of New Mexico's Otero County, due to a constitutional ban on insurrectionists holding office. Griffin, the founder of "Cowboys for Trump," was convicted earlier this year for his participation in the Jan 6 riot. The New York Times reports that judge’s order are of particular interest to those attempting to use similar arguments against former President Donald Trump.

• No, it does:

• Alright, let's close the work laptop, put on our dress shoes, and settle into making dinner:

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