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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Temps are gonna cool down tonight and tomorrow with a partly cloudy high of 70, before gradually warming back up to the mid-80s just in time for the weekend. THE NEVER-ENDING SUMMER, Y'ALL, and I am here for it. And now the never-ending firehose of NEWS.


• Dozens of activists showed up to Northeast Portland's Overlook neighborhood today to cry foul about the staggeringly high rent hikes (up to 50 percent) being leveled on a city-subsidized low rent apartment complex... and the infuriating thing is that it's completely legal while also being completely immoral. Our Alex Zielinski talked to the people (and past and present commissioners) who are fighting back. 

• The historically problematic Oregonian editorial board (AKA the mouthpiece of Portland's super wealthy Arlington Club) released some more of their November election endorsements this weekend, and surprise! They stayed true to their "business before people" roots by endorsing an utterly inexperienced candidate with zero plans to make things better (Rene Gonzalez) over the first Black woman to serve on city council AND the most accomplished commissioner Portland's had in the last decade (Jo Ann Hardesty). They also pooped on extending voting rights to non-citizens, as well as saying no to the one thing that Portlanders overwhelmingly want (Charter Reform), because if they didn't... well, what would their friends at the club say?

• RIP to a true original:

• Not only is American Airlines (the primary sponsor of the Portland Timbers/Thorns) redistributing their money in light of owner Merritt Paulson and his management supporting systemic abuse within their organization, Oregon Youth Soccer is also considering ending their relationship with Paulson and his teams... unless, you know, he does the right thing.

• After a year, Mayor Wheeler is finally getting around to beginning the process of hiring an outside consulting firm to lead a "truth and reconciliation" commission that would require the police to face their ugly history of mistreating people of color. Aaaand guess who hates that idea? Portland's POLICE UNION, of course, who thinks it's absolutely ridiculous that anyone could ever accuse them of being racist. 🙄 Good luck, commission!

• Need your fix of hot goss? 🍵 Don't miss this week's hilarious edition of THE TRASH REPORT with Elinor Jones. Including: Dark Brandon gets dank, the worst game of Fuck/Marry/Kill yet, and let's hear it for the crying girls! 😭


• Stinging over his many losses, Vladimir Putin unleashed the largest missile attacks on Ukraine in months, bombing at least 10 cities (including neighborhoods and playgrounds) while also threatening many more attacks.

• It's Indigenous Peoples Day... so you should know where (in particular) you stand:

• Los Angeles city council president Nury Martinez has stepped down from her leadership role after journalists revealed audio in which she said some truly horrible, racist things about Indigenous immigrants and a Black child.

• Oh, and speaking of assholes: Both Twitter and Instagram have blocked unrepentant asshole Kanye West for his recent antisemitic posts. (If Elon Musk had been running the circus, he would've let 'er buck.)

• Today in "FUCK YEAH!"

• And finally... TriMet? Here's an idea for ya.