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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND!  First, let's check in on the weather! A chance of showers returns tomorrow with a high of 48, with a mix of clouds and sun this weekend. Now let's dip into a mix of cloudy/sunny NEWS.


• While the O and OPB have called the governor's race for Tina Kotek, Republican Christine Drazan has NOT yet conceded—an action I'll accept for, say, 24 more hours. After that, I think we can safely assume she's just another basic member of the GOP (AKA the party of election denial and domestic terrorism).

• As we all expected, TriMet has been going through some financial difficulties, and their board members voted yesterday to proceed with a proposal for a biannual 30 cent fare increase starting in January 2024. BUT! The public does have a say in this before they pull the trigger. Find out more from our Isabella Garcia.

• Oh, interesting! Recently elected Commissioner-to-be Rene Gonzalez is showing lots of love to right-wing MAGA lover and Patriot Prayer member Quincy Franklin. (You voted for him, Portland!) [UPDATE: Gonzalez deleted the tweet, but lucky him... I took a screenshot of it!]

• Check out this thoughtful analysis of Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty's Tuesday election defeat from OPB's Anna Griffin that you won't see in a lot of local media:

Hardesty was the first Black woman elected to the Portland City Council. As a city commissioner, she was one of five people responsible for Portland’s struggles with homelessness and crime. Still, she became a symbol — both in Portland and in campaigns elsewhere in Oregon — for the city’s struggles under a succession of white, male mayors.

AGREED. And I'd like to add that while it's important for Portland to get a mayor of color ASAP, if that person simply supports and promotes systems rooted in white supremacy, that's not the type of progress we need. (That's not a veiled dig at any particular current city leader... oh wait... IT IS.)

• Two more rural Oregon counties have voted to join those who want to secede from the state and become part of what they hilariously call "Greater Idaho." Annnnnnd that's all the words I'm gonna waste on this silly bullshit.

• After six months at the helm of the Joint Office of Homeless Services, interim director Shannon Singleton has announced she'll be stepping down by the end of November. So how's the national search going for a permanent director for this extremely tough job? Our Alex Zielinski has more details.


• The party of Domestic Terrorism is inching closer to having the slightest control over the House, while Dems have gained the slightest edge in the race for the Senate (depending on results from Arizona, Nevada, and the Georgia runoff).

• "World's Best Boss" Elon Musk continues to turn Twitter into a raging dumpster fire, with three key executives resigning, and passing down an edict that no one can work remotely. (Don't worry, Twitter employees and users! You can jump ship to the new/better version of Twitter that some tech entrepreneur is developing right now and will launch in three... two... one.)

• And the hits just keep on coming for serial liar/Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones, who was just slapped with ANOTHER huge fine by a judge—a cool $473 million extra. (Just put it on his tab!)

• Tropical storm Nicole is hammering Florida with 80 mph winds and tons of rain. Next on the menu is heavy storms and tornadoes for the eastern US.

• And finally, I really hope Rene Gonzalez is enjoying his Tuesday win... because for the next two years every day will be like this: