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Good Afternoon, Portland! I made a waffle out of leftover stuffing, and I demand your respect.

If you were half in the bag or out the door on Wednesday evening, you may have missed the results of an environmental assessment, conducted by ODOT, that say the proposed addition of lanes to I-5 in the Rose Quarter area would have no significant environmental impact— okay, some at first, but not a lot in the long run, the report says. The project’s detractors disagree. Isabella Garcia breaks it all down.

• And a late report from the Portland Police revealed the name of the man police shot on Saturday morning. Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski has the juice on what we know so far—which is frustratingly little.

• Speaking of things that we know very little about—there are only two weeks until Measure 114 takes effect (slide whistle noise).

• More slide whistle noise:

• If you now find yourself in need of a drink, take note that Monday November 28-Sunday December 4 will be the Mercury's first ever Holiday Drink Week. You deserve something fancy and weird and at participating locations around Portland, you’ll find that fancy for just $7!

• The man who murdered six coworkers at a Walmart in Virginia left a noteugh murders don't deserve attention, but okay—and you'll never believe it, but it's mostly about how superior he felt to those around him. Sure, there's some stuff about the holy spirit in there too. Also deeply frustrating, is the ease with which he was able to purchase a 9-millimeter handgun that very morning, just hours before he attacked and murdered his colleagues.

• Former President Donald Trump enjoyed a Thanksgiving Eve dinner with Kanye West and one of the nation's most prominent white nationalists, Nick Fuentes (who leads the white nationalist group America First, those groypers fuys). Trump attempted to deny foreknowledge of who Fuentes was, but he had to know who West was, right?

• Twitter-famous surrealist comedian Dril is a bit of a low stakes enigma—but we were delighted to read more about him in this Washington Post interview, conducted by Taylor Lorenz. Somewhat surprising, he's pro-Elon—or just goofin'?

Dril said he’d be willing to work at Twitter himself if Musk asked. “I think it would be my duty to answer the call,” Dril said. “I would absolutely do it. I would be his dog, I would follow his every order like a disgusting dog. I would beg for his mercy and I would learn to code if it pleased him.”

• As Elon Musk continues to destroy Twitter, and tank its value, NPR put together a smorgasbord of social media platforms where Twitter quitters might seek retreat.

• The ball is my day off, and the dog is my perpetual surprise and shock at its finite nature: