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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Get ready for an almost balmy day tomorrow with sunny skies and temps that are inching up to... 60 degrees? Don't put on those thongs yet... but maybe take them to the dry cleaner in preparation! Now allow me to dry clean you some NEWS.


• As another method of fixing the city's homeless situation, Portland City Council voted today in favor of incentivizing developers to convert vacant office buildings into residential apartment complexes by waiving fees and relaxing seismic requirements—a good idea that most everybody loves, but, but, BUT! There is a lot more involved with this style of conversion than one might think... and our Isabella Garcia explains it all for you.

• Speaking of housing, the Oregon legislature is kicking into high gear, and is close to approving an "unprecedented" $200 million that will go to emergency housing and homelessness—an amount that's actually $70 million more than Governor Kotek requested.

• Thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future? Well, you better snap it up, cha-cha—because the state is quickly running out of money for their EV rebate program, and will be temporarily suspending the funds until they can replenish the program in 2024.

• From the Oregonian (of course): "More than 40% of Oregonians have a negative view of Gov. Tina Kotek." I have a negative view of that headline, so let me reverse it for you: "60% of Oregonians Think Gov. Kotek Is Pretty Freaking Great So Far."

• It's time for another excellent edition of HEAR IN PORTLAND! This week: Some must-see all ages hip hop shows from Friends of Noise, and the deets you need about an upcoming Y La Bamba record release show.


• And the threat of indictment keeps inching closer to Donald Trump, as his former play pal Stormy Daniels is reportedly meeting with prosecutors in the continuing investigation of hush money that was paid to shut her up prior to the 2016 election. Meanwhile former Trump lawyer/crony Michael Cohen is having the time of his life spilling his guts to a New York grand jury for the second day in a row.

• Texas Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk (appointed by Trump) says he will be issuing a ruling "as soon as possible" on whether the FDA should reverse their approval of the abortion drug mifepristone and, to the surprise of no one, "appeared sympathetic" to the idiotic pleas of lawyers representing anti-abortion groups.

• More Republican trouble in Texas: The state's board of education has announced it's removing the current board of the Houston Independent School District—the largest school district in the state—and replacing them with people who will act more in accordance with current Texas guidelines... which you KNOW cannot be good.

• Today in "Racist liars gonna racist lie": "Gov. DeSantis, who blamed diversity initiatives for Silicon Valley Bank’s downfall, pushed for rollback of bank regulations."

• And finally... the "chef's kiss" of tweets.