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A security guard closing the gate around the supreme court building
Supreme Court officials are ramping up their investigation into the draft opinion leak earlier this month. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Portland! It’s going to be a lovely sunny day with highs in the upper 70s—maybe we’ve finally turned a corner and are finally headed towards summer-like weather? On to the news.

In local news:

• TEDxPortland made waves this weekend by hosting gubernatorial candidate Betsy Johnson as a surprise speaker. People were PISSED and yelled from the crowd for Johnson—who has an A rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA)—to talk about gun control legislation. Not only was the Johnson’s presence poorly received, it was also probably illegal because federal law prohibits tax-exempt non-profits like TEDx from giving any political candidate preferential treatment.

• In more gubernatorial news, Tina Kotek got some national media attention for vying to be the first lesbian governor in the US (to be clear, that’s not why she’s running for governor but its cool to make history). *Billy Eichner voice* LET’S GO LESBIANS, LETS GO!

• ICYMI: Employees at New Seasons’ Seven Corners location filed to unionize Friday. Instead of joining a pre-existing union, employees decided to launch an independent union effort to gain more negotiating power, particularly when it comes to benefits and wages. Organizers are expecting strong opposition from the company because it hired a union-busting firm the last time workers tried to unionize in 2017.

• Ten people were shot in Portland during a series of unrelated shootings within 24 hours this weekend. One person died and several others, including people who were struck with stray bullets while sleeping nearby, were critically injured.

In national news:

• The Justice Department is launching a probe into the police response to the Uvalde elementary school shooting. Local police have fallen under scrutiny after it was revealed that the gunman was inside the school for more than 40 minutes before police confronted him. Experts say that the response goes against everything law enforcement has been trained to do since the Columbine High School massacre over 20 years ago.

• One person is dead and seven are injured after a shooting at a Memorial Day festival in Oklahoma Sunday. Authorities said gunfire erupted following an argument and the gunman turned himself in to the police. The victims range from 9 to 56 years old.

• States on the East coast and some parts of the South are preparing for a sweltering summer following a recent heat dome. Because Oregon has been there and done that, other states are looking to us to figure out what kind of state-level protections should be put in place to protect people from the heat. For example, creating laws that protect farm workers from the heat and making sure renters aren’t restricted from using air conditioners during the summer months.

• Supreme Court officials are ramping up their investigation of how the draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade was leaked earlier this month. Law clerks with the court are being required to overturn private cell phone records and, according to CNN’s anonymous sources, some clerks are considering hiring outside legal representation to protect themselves against the probe.

• The kids are alright: