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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Get ready for another jump in temperatures with a high of 82 today and leaping up to 99 by Sunday... which sounds like the perfect weather for one those $6 boozy, frozen cocktails your fave bars are serving up during the current Mercury SUMMER OF SLUSHIES! Now let's serve up some NEWS!


• After years of long (sometimes contentious) investigation, yesterday police arrested a man, Christopher Knipe, for the 2019 murder of Sean Kealiher—a prominent Portland anti-fascist who was killed a short walk away from the now closed Cider Riot. Our Alex Zielinski has the story.

• There are two organizations in town doing their damnedest to make sure cops are being held accountable for their actions, while the third organization—well, they seem to think they're doing a great job, even though they appear to be fully in the cops' pocket. Find out more about the "citizen-led police accountability group" FIT COG and the measures being taken to make them more accountable in Alex Zielinski's newest HALL MONITOR.

• The Oregon Department of Forestry has retracted their state-wide wildfire risk map and has pledged to redraw it after pushback from property owners who called it inaccurate and claimed it would jack up their insurance rates.

• Hey brainy pants! 🤓 It's time for Portland's funnest trivia quiz, POP QUIZ PDX! This week: local "shadow" mayors, remembering Portland's filthiest fun bar, and which radioactive creature would YOU like to be bitten by? 🤔 (Plus win free pizza!)


• A promising July hiring surge is having economic nay-sayers rethinking their doom 'n' gloom attitudes about the country going into a recession.

• After previously holding the Democrats' climate and tax bill hostage, deeply annoying Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have now BOTH agreed to sign on, clearing it to pass the Senate within days, and giving a much needed WIN for the Dems.

• Four officers in Louisville, Kentucky, are now facing federal charges (for several crimes) involving the botched nighttime raid that ended with them killing an innocent Breonna Taylor. 

• Serial liar and hate monger Alex Jones is being forced to pay $4.1 million to Sandy Hook parents after repeatedly claiming to his dimwit audience that the massacre never happened. Hefty punitive damages could be next.

• After sentencing her to a Russian penal colony for 9 years, the country has signaled it is ready to play ball with the US and set up a possible prisoner exchange for WNBA star Brittney Griner.

• Not great: "Kari Lake, Trump-backed election denier, wins GOP primary in Arizona governor's race."

• But this is better:

• And finally... me going into the weekend like...