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Good morning, Portland! Long live Kate Bush! This morning's news blast is brought to you by the chaotic peculiarities of Monday, and an inconsistent wifi connection. Enough complaining from me. Now let's complain about the news!


• In the food court at Zoiglhaus Brewing’s taproom, Pah!—a restaurant owned by a Latinx queer couple, one of whom is deaf—is now open and serving up pub-style dishes such as burgers (vegan and meat) and blooming onions. Portland Monthly profiled it here.

• On Friday, Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski spoke with Stephen Piggott, an analyst with the Western States Center, about the ways that recently closed criminal cases—related to far-right activists involved in a 2019 May Day brawl—could impact future of right-wing extremism in Portland. Read the Q & A.

• Once again former employees of the Portland Timbers and Thorns have alleged a toxic work environment for women. The Oregonian has an exclusive report on it that is behind a paywall, but if we don't pay for news, we pay in other ways.


• On Friday, August 5, actress and celebrity Anne Heche crashed her car into a house in Los Angeles. Social media was flooded with cartoonish home security video of her blue Mini Cooper flying down a suburban street before a loud crash. Yesterday, Heche's family removed her from life support. She had been declared dead on Friday, but they waited until a suitable recipient for the actress' organs could be found. Read a little about her acting career here.

• Salman Rushie is recovering from being stabbed multiple times by an audience member at a Friday event. Hear an account from the event's moderator here. Rushdie's son also released a statement on behalf of the family:

• So much for law and order! Former president Donald Trump encouraged attacks on the FBI via social media over the weekend, after his resort home Mar-a-lago was raided by bureau agents, who recovered "various classified/TS/SCI documents.” There's just boatloads of speculation about what the documents exactly were and whether THIS illegal thing will finally be THE illegal thing that brings repercussions to Trump's empire of shit.

• Your energy for today is a place where peace is a priority and negativity cannot exist. When you’re part of a herd but have boundaries #InnerPeace #Boundaries #Creatinghappiness ♬ original sound - Carolina Gal