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Good morning, Portland! I just spent the past four days basking in the wonder that is Crater Lake National Park, and feel compelled to share two things: 1. Volcanoes will be the end of us.  2. This state fuckin’ slaps. Now, let’s get caught up on the latest news:

- It’s been a year since the city of Portland denied  Zenith Energy—an oil transportation company—a permit required to continue running its Northwest Portland facility. So, why is the company still operating in Portland? The Mercury’s Isabella Garcia has the answers

- On Saturday, Pedalpalooza featured its first-ever bike ride geared exclusively toward Native and Indigenous pedalers. Learn more about the ride’s organizers and the ride’s significance for Native bicyclists in Portland here

- Mayor Wheeler is allegedly planning on rolling out an ordinance to incentivize owners of vacant office buildings in downtown Portland to turn their property into residential apartments. WW digs in to the details. 

- Dark news out of Bend:

- A wildfire in Southwest Oregon’s Josephine County doubled in size over the weekend, now clocking in at 15 square miles. The Rum Creek Fire, coupled with a drought and imminent heat wave, prompted Governor Kate Brown to declare a state of emergency Sunday. 

- Sixty years after the US sent humans to the moon, NASA is preparing to do it again with a spaceship set to take off today. If you’re like me, you might be thinking: “Sure, okay, the moon seems cool, but why are we doing that again?” Allow NPR to help answer that question. 

- If you’re also like me and were on vacation when President Biden announced his loan forgiveness plan, you may be asking: “Do I qualify for that thing?” Find out here

- SQUEEE for those who squee:

- Hey! The feds will stop mailing free COVID-19 tests this week, so get yours before it's too late! (You can still qualify to get more tests if you already received some in the past.)

- A record 181 candidates who identify as Indigenous are registered to participate in Brazil’s October general election. This historic surge in Indigenous candidates may be a backlash to the anti-native actions of President Jair Bolsonar or the horrific deforestation of the Amazon, but regardless of the cause, it’s a moment for celebration for Indigenous Brazilians. 

- Unusually heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have caused devastating floods across the country, affecting more than 30 million people and killing more than 1,000. Pakistan leaders are calling for support from the international community in the wake of the country’s largest natural disasters. 

- An unrelated moment: