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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! It might rain today! Hoooweeee! Now, let's hit the news.


•  An apartment complex in Portland’s Overlook neighborhood received tax credits from the city to keep 31 units in its building below market rate. So why are its tenants now receiving 50 percent rent increasesMercury News Editor Alex Zielinski has the story.

• While there's plenty of criticism for Measure 110—Oregon’s drug decriminalization measure that uses cannabis tax dollars to pay for substance abuse program support—the fact remains that voters haven't really had an opportunity to see it work yet. OPB reports the Oregon Health Authority announced yesterday that it has finished awarding the first two years of funding.

• It was nearly a decade ago that Paste called the Portland Film Festival a “rising star” that “reflects the beautiful, crazy, eclectic, nutty city it lives in.” Now PFF celebrates ten years of supporting small budget films and fledgling filmmakers.


• Seven months into its invasion of Ukraine, Russia announced that it will hold “referendums” on formally joining Russia, in four areas that it has captured. HOW NICE! Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this morning that a new campaign would call up roughly 300,000 reservists to the military. If you want to consider Russia's history of concern for military casualties, I invite you to check out the short documentary the Fallen of World War II.

• Judge Raymond Dearie—former President Donald Trump's chosen "special master" (who he also appointed)—showed that even he can only put up with so much corrupt goofin' from Trump's legal team. At a press conference yesterday, Dearie required further explanation re: where the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago declassified or no? The Trump team's IDK, which ones? was not sufficient. “You did bring a lawsuit,” Dearie said.

• Imagine being the finance writer who has to write these "Gas prices down (a little)! Gas prices up (a little)!" pieces. It might be fascinating—if one has degree in gas prices—but these stories always seem to just stir up reactionaries and stress out people on tight budgets.

• The emaciated and dehydrated otter pup that was found on a golf course near Sunriver, in May, has recovered and will make his society debut at High Desert Museum, near Bend, Oregon. Despite attempts to locate the pup's parents, none were found "so the state determined he should remain at the Museum,” High Desert Museum said in a statement.