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Good morning, Portland! If you remember one thing this week, let it be this: Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18) is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming November 8 general election. Spread the word! And now, the headlines:

- On Friday, a day after Mayor Ted Wheeler leaked a plan to corral 500 homeless people into three mass camps across Portland, Wheeler joined 24 other Oregon mayors in demanding from the state legislature more financial support to address homelessness. (Stay tuned for more on Wheeler’s grim proposal later this week.) 

- After skipping a $2.50 bus fare, a homeless woman was placed in custody for 183 days in the Washington County jail and the Oregon State Hospital, even though a psychologist said she showed no signs of mental illness. Oregonian reporter Jayati Ramakrishnan uses this woman’s experience as an important case study of the cracks within our local justice and mental health care system. 

- Prez Joe visited Portland this weekend to stump for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek and hold a rally for cheaper prices for prescription drugs. Of course, Biden didn’t leave before the internet lost its collective shit over his choice to buy ice cream at famously non-local Baskin Robbins in Gresham. Live, laugh, find a reason to prove to Twitter that you’re a true Portlander by judging some old guy’s ice cream preferences.  

- Biden also managed to drop a line about funding the police in a speech the same day a Portland police officer shot a man who was chasing people with a knife. Do with this juxtaposition what you like. 

- The New York Times spilled some ink on Oregon’s governor’s race this weekend, pulling back the curtain on the festering chaos that is Oregon politics. The biggest takeaways: Nike overlord Phil Knight admits he’s never spoken to GOP candidate Christine Drazan (despite dumping $1 million into her campaign this month), Mayor Wheeler says he’s on the fence about who to endorse, and Betsy Johnson says that she’s only in the race to keep Kotek from winning. The story may be behind a paywall (sorry!), but it’s worth a read if you’re able to access it. 

Behold, my election 2022 vibe: 

- Meanwhile, an unidentified decomposing “globster” washed up on Oregon’s coastal shores this weekend. Not now, globster! Read the room.

- Nakia Creek Fire in east Clark County significantly expanded Sunday, prompting mandatory evacuation requirements for nearly 3,000 residences in the rural outskirts of Camas and Washougal and putting Vancouver-area communities on alert. 

- Back to Biden: The application for the White House’s student loan forgiveness program is finally open! Here’s what to know about the process. 

- The United States' first trial over a state’s ban on gender-confirming care for children begins in Arkansas this week. The trial centers on a law a US district judge temporarily blocked last year, which prohibited doctors from providing gender-confirming hormone treatment, puberty blockers or surgery to anyone under 18 years old. The end result will certainly  set the stage for several other related lawsuits moving through state courts. 

- Unhinged anti-semite Kanye West is planning on buying Parler, the conservative social media network beloved by Proud Boys (and the central hub for where January 6 rioters planned their rush on the US Capitol.) 

- Russian soldiers killed a Ukrainian musician after he  refused to take part in a concert in the occupied Ukrainian town of Kherson, which was supposed to “demonstrate the so-called ‘improvement of peaceful life’ in Kherson” during the Russian occupation, according to the Guardian