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Good morning, Portland! BERNIE SANGERS- BERNIE SNOGGERS- BERNIE SANDERS is visiting Portland today!


• PREPARE YOUR BODY, PORTLAND. Bernie Sanders will be in Eugene and Portland today, to campaign for, like, a Dagwood sandwich of Democratic candidates: In Eugene, he'll wave at things with Tina Kotek, Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Jeff Merkley, and Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle who is running for Peter "I had the bear spray and a baseball bat," DeFazio's congressional seat. HOLY SHIT BERNIE IS GOING TO THE ROSELAND (with Merkley, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, and Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici). That's an actual man of the people, right there. Heck yes. Please get me a photo of him at Trap Kitchen.

• Yesterday, Portland City Council heard public testimony on a proposal, co-sponsored by Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Ryan, which would seek to either impotently gesture against homeless camping or perhaps actually, cruelly ban it. Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski was in attendance and noticed that business and travel lobbyists, as well as realtors, testified ahead of the general public. Later she confirmed that this was at the request of Commissioner Ryan.

• Jennifer Lawrence let everyone know—via a RepresentUs video posted on Facebook—that she supports Portland's charter reform. While no one had asked (?) her it's nice of her to check in—it's also worth noting she has acted as a spokesperson for RepresentUs in the past. Unfortunately, KATU reports "the post [failed] to link to more information about the charter reform measure." Seriously, go uninstall Facebook from your parents' phones.

• And then read the Mercury's explainer of the charter reform, in our 2022 Election Endorsement Guide.

• NIKE PEOPLE, RISE UP. Seriously, come get your old rich boss.


• In this week's Hear in Portland, music columnist Jenni Moore is excited about fall's cozy shows and vibey local singles:


• Our continental superiors, Mexico, appear to be ending the outdated, wasteful, and dangerous practice of daylight saving time. Let's moon race it. Let's goooo.

• Surely there cannot be more Elon Musk bullshit! Oh, but there can be. Although this carries apropos of nothing energy, it's actually related to Elon's impending, court-imposed deadline to complete his acquisition of Twitter or get in the courtroom.

The New York Times reports that fuel shortages caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine are pushing countries around the world to adopt alternative energy sources, like: wind turbines, solar panels, nuclear power plants, hydrogen fuels, electric vehicles and electric heat pumps. GOOD.

• In conclusion, "sweet like honey / Kermit in a hat / sippin' on tea / cause he loves tea."

@cartervailmusic Taylor Swift is my idol. This is a tribute to her. #karma #taylorswift #midnight #parody ♬ original sound - Carter Vail