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Good Morning, Portland! Allow me to shout out Billy Ray's Dive for playing what seemed to be nothing but Neil Young last night. Look out for fog today—and KING TIDES at the coast

• The FBI announced yesterday that it is seeking information about a series of arson incidents—in Oregon, but also seven other states—that targeted pregnancy resource centers between March and July of last year. The release notes that while most of the targets "appear to have been crisis pregnancy centers or similar operations that typically seek to dissuade women from seeking abortions," at least one involved a building used by Planned Parenthood.

• The Oregon Secretary of State released a report Thursday, which essentially said there aren't proper records available for officials to judge how Measure 110 (which decrim'd smol amounts of hard drugs) is unfolding. OF COURSE NOT. While voters approved it in November 2020, OHA didn't actually connect any funding to addiction-treatment nonprofits until SEPTEMBER 2022. HOW WOULD WE BE ABLE TO TELL? If that were a restaurant I would say that it opened "recently." Mercury News Editor Isabella Garcia has more on Measure 110 measurement, and where it all got cocked up.

• This socialist dog is bummed that Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant will not run again for city council.

• We reviewed the new book by Portland-based podcaster and columnist Aubrey Gordon, “You Just Need to Lose Weight” and 19 Other Myths About Fat People, a little bit ago, but she appears at Powell's City of Books tonight, with Sarah Marshall (You're Wrong About)! YOU ARE WELCOME FOR THE REMINDER.

• I know it feels like "an hour long dance piece inspired by [Robert] Frank photographs, adorned with fragments of text and a sweeping jazz score" in an attempt to untangle the “real” America from its manicured image sounds like... difficult. But Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (PETE) always delivers the good shit.

• Lunar New Year begins on Sunday (!):

• Hope you all like hearing / talking about the debt ceiling because it's THAT TIME AGAIN. Surprising no one, House Republicans have vowed to oppose increases unless there are spending cuts... hypocrisy hypocrisy... political theater... we're looking at a protracted fight... it's gonna suck.

• In addition to this week's Intel layoffs, Google's parent company, Alphabet, announced today that it plans to cut 12,000 jobs. Okay, that's probably the only layoffs...

• This is a fucking tragedy. If you've read the last few issues' of New York Magazine it's been like the who's who of top feature / profile writers. 

• Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked a new AP course on African American studies from being taught in his state's high schools, saying it violates that weird law he made that sounds like it was named by 4chan. The Associated Press reached out to a high school teacher who teaches the curriculum in New York. She described the course as factual history, and said her students were "shocked" to hear about the ban—and presumably to get a taste of Florida's messed up ways.

• The value of Jenn Chávez's hosting cannot be measured. 🫡 <-(salute emoji)