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Good morning, Portland! Starting off with some good news: The Mercury’s Highball Week has been extended through Sunday due to that pesky snow. Get yourself a delicious cocktail for just $8 at your fav bars all week long. Now onto the delicious news.

In local news:

• Weather check: It’s quite possible that we could get a slushy mix of snow/rain everyday this week, but forecasters don’t expect any of it to stick in the lower areas of Portland. Places above 500 feet might see some more snow, but nothing compared to last week’s snowfall.

• The Mercury’s Spring Arts guide is here! Whether it’s a glam shots pop up moving into a brick and mortar location or looking at the shared history of looms and computers, there’s a lot to love about Portland’s art scene. A personal fav of the collection is Drinks Before or After?, a true act of public service journalism in which Merc staff break down the best places to get drinks near Portland’s top venues.

• At least 600 vehicles were abandoned on the road during last week’s snow storm, according to the Portland Bureau of Transportation. While the city waived the usual fee for abandoning a car on the road way due to the unexpected storm, majority of drivers’ cars were towed and had to be picked up from the tow lot—which can cost over $300.

• The Timbers started the MLS season strong last night with a 1-0 win against Kansas City. Here’s a look at the early game goal that secured them the win:

In national news:

• US federal agencies have 30 days to remove TikTok from all government devices due to concerns with data collection and security concerns, the White House announced Monday. From the AP article: “Congress passed the “No TikTok on Government Devices Act” in December [….] The legislation does allow for TikTok use in certain cases, including for national security, law enforcement and research purposes.” Quick question: Can someone please describe a scenario in which downloading TikTok is essential for national security?

• People are less likely to wear a mask if they see themselves as good-looking, according to a new study by Frontiers of Psychology. The same goes for the inverse: the less attractive someone believes themself to be, the more likely they are to wear a mask to protect themself (and others) from COVID-19. I actually conducted my own study and found that people who wear masks at the grocery store are 387 percent hotter than people who don't, so there's that.

• The US Supreme Court is hearing a case today about whether they should permanently block the Biden admin’s student loan forgiveness program. Several Republican-led states argue that Biden exceeded his legal authority when he moved to cancel up to $20,000 in debt for Americans with federal student loans. NPR has a very good break down of the case, the legal arguments, and potential ramifications.

• We’ll end with some good vibes today: