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Good Morning, Portland!

• Who would have thought a Portland Public Schools board election would reach levels of national coverage? Last week, a Rolling Stone article revealed that one of the candidates, Derrick Peterson, had alleged ties to a Christian Nationalist church. Following the story, his campaign manager resigned and Peterson withdrew from the race. However, as of Monday morning, Peterson's statement of withdrawal has disappeared from his site. The Portland Mercury always backed his opponent Patte Sullivan, a retired teacher whose decades of classroom experience would be a valuable addition to the school board. Must be fucking embarrassing to have endorsed Peterson, but we wouldn’t know 💅

• To toll or not to toll? That is the question du jour for ODOT, transportation advocates, state legislators, and their constituents. Last week, Governor Tina Kotek provided an answer—at least for the time being—when she ordered ODOT to pause its toll collection efforts until at least 2026. Mercury News Reporter Taylor Griggs has the story.

• If you want to hear me smoothly blanket opinions on the Ritz-Carlton, Portland—alongside Real Estate Reporter Jonathan Bach and CityCastPDX's Executive Producer John Notarianni—behold: 

• Portland Police Bureau plans to announce today that it is in the process of partially bringing back its Traffic Division. Bike Portland's Jonathan Maus has some great perspective on this announcement, right at the top of this piece:

Ugh, it's nice out. Whether you're trying to get out into that sunshine, nightlife, or air conditioning (it's gonna be 94-degrees on Sunday) our calendar team put together a list of events popping off this week—among them, Claire Dederer at Powells, M83 at the Schnitz!

• Speaking of events, in response to the ongoing flame war Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis has waged against Disney, the Associated Press reports the indomitable entertainment hydra has amended its massive lawsuit against the governor to include the latest bizarre slights—"such as a new law granting the state unprecedented authority to inspect a monorail system at Disney World."

• Also in tit-for-tat, a Canadian diplomat was expelled from China on Tuesday. The reason? Canada had ordered a Chinese consular out of their country over alleged threats and intimidation he made to a Canadian lawmaker and his relatives in Hong Kong. The AP reports a statement on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa the initial expulsion (Canada on China) was “based on rumors" and embellished by politicians and the media. “China never interferes in other countries’ internal affairs,” it said.

• The Pulitzer committee announced the 2023 Pulitzer Prizes yesterday. Among them was a memoir award for Stay True, by Hua Hsu—it's an incredible book. We highly recommend it.

• This Friday May 12, Nintendo launches The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom AKA my new home AKA my favorite holiday immersion.  Please anticipate not seeing or hearing from me for approximately a month, but could go longer. What? Something out in this world is so great? Yeah, that's what I thought.

@mandjgames Im too excited about zelda tears of the kingdom! #fyp #viral #zelda #nintendo #tearsofthekingdom #legendofzelda #nintendoswitch #gaming ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show