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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Let the bells ring and confetti fall, because TODAY marks the triumphant return of the Mercury's SANDWICH WEEK—creative, one-of-a-kind creations made by the city's top sammy makers! And they're only $8 each? What? YES! It runs all the way through this Sunday, June 11, so get all the info you need while also checking out drool-worthy pics of these divine sandwiches HERE. And now, I invite you to drool over some NEWS.


• Thanks to a well-informed public, Mayor Wheeler's plan to implement the controversial ShotSpotter gun detection program (pushed by local big business, naturally) has been shelved following lots of outcry from Portlanders who didn't want to waste a poop-ton of taxpayer money on a technology that doesn't really work, is an invasion of privacy, and could send cops with their guns drawn into neighborhoods of color. TOO BAD, SO SAD. Our Courtney Vaughn has the deets.

• Measure 114—Oregon's new gun restriction law which limits ammo magazine size, and requires a background check and taking a safety class for those purchasing weapons—is going to court this week, where a judge will decide if it is constitutionally sound, or if it's okay to allow senseless mass shootings to continue.

• Oregon Republican legislators have about three weeks left to stop being goddamn crybabies and resume doing the job voters are paying them for, at which point the current legislative session could collapse and even the bills they like will vanish into the ether. Senate Dems are now threatening to fine these runaways $325 every day they're absent—but as we know dark-money GOP sources will pay for all sorts of ridiculous, self-defeating things. (I noticed yesterday that the patently stupid "Schmidt Show" billboard from People for Portland is still up.)

• Vancouver police say they will release the video footage (sometime? eventually? maybe?) of a deadly cop shooting where three officers and a Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot and killed an alleged robbery suspect in a grocery store parking lot last Tuesday. It's unclear whether the officers will get to watch (or have already watched) the bodycam footage, giving them the opportunity to change their testimony in their favor.

• Two men were killed in a deadly crash early Sunday morning after their car jumped the barrier on the Morrison Bridge and fell to SE Water Street below. Police are investigating the crash, but suspect that speed and alcohol were involved. (Have you noticed the uptick in untrained idiots driving their cars and trucks waaay faster than they're able to control? Same!) 


• A Trump-appointed judge shot down Tennessee's CLEARLY unconstitutional (even to a Trump judge) ban on drag performances in the state, saying it was both “vague and substantially overbroad." For a group that goes on and on about "protecting their freedoms," Republicans sure do hate "freedoms"!

• They also apparently hate average Americans making money:

• A sonic boom frightened residents in Washington, DC, yesterday when military jets scrambled to respond a small private plane that wasn't obeying requests to turn away from the nation's capitol. The plane eventually crashed in Virginia, and authorities are looking into the mystery.

• Bad news for Elon Musk and Twitter (which equates to good news for everyone else): Since purchasing the social media platform, ad sales have plummeting under Musk's watch by a whopping 59 percent.

• In the WEATHER:

• In media news, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd—who is... often not great—is stepping down from his job for the usual "family reasons" and will be replaced by the far more capable White House correspondent (and the first Black person to hold the role), Kristen Welker.

• And finally... don't like deep fakes? Then NO SOUP FOR YOU!