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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Get ready, burger enjoyers: Starting this coming Monday, Aug 21, it's the most delicious time of the year! The Mercury's BURGER WEEK is returning, and with more scrumptious, creative $8 burgers than ever! Drooling yet? Well, here's some drool-worthy NEWS.


• Looks like we'll have to endure one more day of 100 degree weather, but as of Thursday, and thanks to cool winds coming off the coast, temps should drop down to a less-sweltering 95 tomorrow and into the 80s for the weekend. However, one area person has reportedly died due to the heat, so continue to watch out for your neighbors (homeless or otherwise). Here's a list of the cooling centers in our area.

• As you may have heard, Oregon's public defense situation is a real shit-show—and this new story from our Abe Asher reveals why: The state refuses to pay defenders and court experts a living wage, which leaves defendants without the help they need as they enter the legal system. Check out the story, it's an eye-opener.

• Very much related: "Federal judge to order release from jail for anyone denied an attorney in Washington County."

• Today in "OOF": An email sent out by the state that was intended for 14 people was accidentally sent to more than 164,000 folks, wrongly informing the vast majority of them that they would be receiving state financial aid for their continuing education. Again, OOF.

• After not receiving much-needed grants from the state, Portland's long-running Artists Repertory Theatre has announced they are suspending the rest of this year's slate of productions "pending further examination of our financial situation." This sudden lack of funds comes at a particularly bad time for the company who is right in the middle of constructing their $30 million new building.


• The death toll from the tragic Maui wildfires has now passed 100, as rescuers continue their search for missing people. Officials think it may take weeks or even months to get a full accounting of the dead.

WOMEN'S WORLD CUP SPOILER ALERT (which is why I'm switching over to tiny text): In the world cup semi-finals, England has defeated the talented Australian women's team by a score of 3-1 and will take on Spain in the finals on Sunday! We now return to regular font size.

• Right on brand:

• As you may have heard, the Georgia indictment has dropped, and Trump along with 18 (!) of his co-conspirators are all expected to—get ready to savor these words—be booked at the Fulton County jail. They have until August 25 to surrender voluntarily. 🤗

• Much to the chagrin of Trump (and his secret buddy, Elon Musk), special counsel Jack Smith has successfully obtained the former president's direct messages and drafts from Twitter to use as evidence in his federal indictment. 

• And you hate to see it: "Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills after defending Trump."

• And finally... this just in: SWANS ARE DICKS.