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Good Morning, Portland. It's time for your news.

• Classes at Portland Public Schools are canceled again today, as we enter day two of the first-ever teachers strike in the history of PPS. National press coverage is getting in on the story now, but the Mercury's Taylor Griggs has been on it since negotiations broke down, so if you're just tuning in, read the breakdown here and keep up with us for new developments. There's another bargaining meeting set for Friday.

• The countdown continues; can PBOT survive the wait until someone (or charter reform) takes the bureau away from the oversight of Commissioner Mapps? Yesterday, bicyclists blocked trucks trying to paint over a bike lane that had already been installed. If there's some sort of 4D math that makes that cheaper than just leaving it, I'd be curious to know.

On Tuesday PBOT told Bike Portland that the lanes had been installed by mistake and would be removed because there hadn't been enough public outreach. In response, Iain MacKenzie entered the chat:

• Some news that got buried yesterday: The Oregonian's Bill Oram reports that "the WNBA has shelved its plans to launch an expansion team in Portland." In a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert marked the anticipated renovations to Moda Center (which may take place over several consecutive summmers) as a major sticking point.

• This week's show-heavy Hear in Portland update has details on Portland's date with Wynne, Pickathon favorite Butcher Brown's December show, and Revolutions Per Movie's first live podcast taping—with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck! Read our weekly music column by regular Mercury contributor Jenni Moore!

• Speaking of shows, if you were amped about Foo Fighters playing Providence Park next summer, you'll probably also be psyched to hear that Green Day's Saviors Tour will play the stadium next fall with Rancid, the Smashing Pumpkins, and the Linda Lindas. As we have ranted about before, tickets for shows like this generally sell out in the presale (sign up for that here) which leads to general admission tickets never actually being released or being nosebleed only.  Let us join our fellow music fans in calling for the Department of Justice to break Ticketmaster up. After them, Live Nation and IHeartMedia. Let's goooo.

• If you're thinking of seeing theater this weekend, I might steer you away from Shaking the Tree's Blood Wedding, which had some good points but also had some pretty basic issues with line delivery from the production's leads. Instead, you might try Two Pints, which we reviewed favorably, Portland Book Festival, and/ or the opening of PAM CUT's Tomorrow Theater. Our calendar team actually has a whole month's worth of events to look for in their Best Things To Do in Portland This Month: November 2023 round-up.

• The land invasion of Gaza continues today as Israeli troops advance toward Gaza City, the Associated Press reports. US and Arab mediators have called for at least a brief halt to the hostilities in order to aid civilians. Egypt continues to deny an influx of Palestinian refugees, but has been letting some dual national refugees through. Relations between Israel and its neighboring countries appear to be wearing down.

• Check out that big puppet in the cover image. I just wanted to use that photo, but it turns out Little Amal was created to raise awareness about displaced refugee children. She just finished a walk from Boston to San Diego.

• This morning it's possible that the two large adult sons of former President Trump looked in the mirror and said (probably out loud because they don't seem very internal) "one day, I'll leave you a phantom / To lead you in the summer / To join the Trump parade." It's also likely neither have never heard of My Chem, and they honestly probably just listen to tennis and golf sound effects tapes. Donald Trump Jr. enters day two of testimony in the family's business fraud case. He is expected to say the same stuff he said yesterday: He didn't know about the fraud, except for the stuff he did know about, but aren't the accountants paid to handle that?

• Meanwhile, of all the legal attempts to bar former President Trump from running in 2024, Colorado and Minnesota may be the furthest along.

• I guess now that there's a House Speaker again the US House of Reps can get back to wasting time with bullshit. A group of New York Republicans attempted to expel Rep. George Santos, but were unable to gather even a simple majority. Santos is still currently on trial and under investigation by a House Ethics Committee.

• Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also attempted to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib for “antisemitic activity” because Tlaib participated in a pro-Palestinian protest, where she accused Israel of genocide. It didn't work because it was stupid. Though thank god, right? There's really no guaranty anymore. 

• Oh, here's something that is actually pretty important:Virginia admitted on Tuesday that it had purged almost 3,400 voters from its records, ahead of statewide elections.

• It's Thursday, get out there and blame something.